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Eleanor of Aquitaine (Aliénor, Éléonore, Alienora; 1122  – 1 April 1204) was a member of the Ramnulfid dynasty of rulers in southwestern France, and one of the wealthiest and most powerful women in western Europe during the High Middle Ages. She inherited the Duchy of Aquitaine from her father, William X, in 1137, and by successive marriages became queen of France (1137–1152) and then England (1154–1189). She was the patron of literary figures such as Wace, Benoît de Sainte-Maure, and Bernart..
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Jeffrey L. "Jeff" Smith (January 22, 1939 – July 7, 2004) was the author of several best-selling cookbooks and the host of The Frugal Gourmet, a popular American cooking show which began in in 1973 as Cooking Fish Creatively and later moved to in , and Natan Katzman's A La Carte Communications, where it aired nationally on from 1983 to 1997.
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The Kaveri, also written Cauvery in English, is a large river. The origin of the river is traditionally placed at , in the in Karnataka, flows generally south and east through and Tamil Nadu and across the southern through the southeastern lowlands, emptying into the through two principal mouths.
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Shaktism (: , शाक्तं; lit., 'doctrine of power' or 'doctrine of the Goddess') is a of that focuses worship upon or – the Hindu – as the absolute, ultimate Godhead. It is, along with and , one of the primary schools of devotional Hinduism.
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Bow may refer to: Bow and arrow (), a weapon system that uses elasticity to propel arrows, its use is archery Bow (ship) (), the foremost point of the hull of a ship or boat
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I command. You obey. Everybody gets what they deserve. Lotos Abstraction: a beautiful woman with a big gun living in a destroyed 21st century. Too bad she's been taken hostage by an entity simply known as the Martinet. Now it's Lotos' quest to infiltrate t..
Meat Puppet

Sultry icon Reiko Ike plays Ocho Inoshika a gambler and pickpocket operating out of the Tokyo in the early 1920s. At a young age Ocho witnessed the brutal murder of her father killed by the local Yakuza. Now grown up she deftly makes her living on the ..
Sex And Fury

Alone in a Parisian theatre after a day of auditions director Thomas (Mathieu Amalric) is complaining over the phone to his fiancée about the poor quality of the actresses. As he prepares to leave Vanda (Emmanuelle Seigner) suddenly appears:..
Venus in Fur

Barbella is an earth-type Skylander with the sentinel combat specialty - she is the best fitness trainer in all of Skylands. She spreads the message all across Skylands that a healthy diet and exercise lead to true happiness.
Activision 047875878198 Skylanders Imaginators Master Barbella Figure

She can stealthily sneak and sabotage the enemy or stand alongside her Rebel allies to lend her twin blasters to the fight.
Disney 1264930000000 Infinity 3.0 Edition: Star Wars Rebels Sabine Wren Gaming Figure

This Hasbro B5181000 Elsa doll comes beautifully dressed in a snow queen gown inspired by the fashions she wears in Disney's Frozen. Her bodice, peplum, and skirt are removable for easy outfit changes. Your little dreamer will have so much fun creating Els..
Hasbro B5181000 Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa Snow Gown Doll

CLOSEOUTS . A race-day top that easily doubles as a casual, everyday favorite, Club Rideand#39;s Queen Bee cycling jersey is superlight, sweetly styled and highly technical. Sheer2Dry fabric wicks moisture and features a UPF 20 run protection rating. Avail..
Club Ride Queen Bee Cycling Jersey - UPF 20, Short Sleeve (For Women)

CLOSEOUTS . See Kai Runand#39;s Kya sneakers are sure to make any young fashionistaand#39;s eyes pop! Theyand#39;re made from lightweight canvas with cute floral prints, a glittery padded collar and a cool high-top silhouette. Textured outsole ensures trac..
See Kai Run Kya High-top Sneakers (for Girls)

While most other girls her age are worries about school and clothes and boys, Cass has spent most of her life traveling the world with her travel TV-show-host parents. She gets to visit fabulous places and loves connecting with people via her popular blog..
Lights, Camera, Cassidy: Paparazzi

But when she arrives there, she discovers her welcome quickly wears thin. Perhaps too quickly.  Salt Spring Island, with a history as a refuge for African Americans fleeing the bonds of slavery, is not a place of refuge for her—and, she suspects, may ..
In The Grip Of It

She''s accepting a delivery from IKEA in her shared studio apartment when her uncle calls to break the news: Helen''s adoptive brother is dead. According to the internet, there are six possible reasons why her brother might have killed..
Sorry To Disrupt The Peace: A Novel

She was adopted at age three after her parents were killed in a car crash. At least that''s what her adoptive mother Shelley has always told her. Shelley is also a hairdresser. But beyond that, mother and daughter don''t see eye to eye ..
Best Girl

To the villagers, however, she’s a rich American tourist, a nasara (white person) who has never known pain or want. They stare at her in silence. The children giggle and run away. At first her only confidant is a miraculously communicative lizard. Susana..
Mango Elephants In The Sun

. . . When Daisha’s boyfriend, Raekwan, takes his violent, jealous antics to the next level, a mysterious stranger intervenes, taking Daisha to his place to nurse her wounds. Even though she sneaks out the next morning. Daisha can’t stop thinking about..
Love's Grip

  For Mack McKinley and his team of GhostWalker killing machines, urban warfare is an art. But despite a hard-won knowledge of the San Francisco streets, Mack knows from experience that too many things can still go wrong. Danger was just another part ..
Street Game

His clothes might be a little shabby, and because of being born a slave, he hadn''t had very much schooling, but he turned out to be the wisest man she had ever known. If only she had listened when he warned that vengeance was never worth the ha..
Best Friends


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