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South is a , , or indicating or . It is one of the four or points. South the polar opposite of and is to and .

The word south is derived from the name of one of the four dwarves in , , who each represented one of the directions of the world.

By , the bottom side of a is south, although exist that defy this convention. To go south using a compass for , set a or of 180°. Alternatively, in the the will be roughly in the south at .

South Pole
True south is the direction towards the southern end of the axis about which the rotates, called the . The South Pole is located in . is the direction towards the south , some distance away from the south geographic pole.

was the first to , on 14 December 1911, after was forced to turn back some distance short.

The refers to the less socially and economically developed southern half of the globe. 95% of the Global North has enough food and shelter, and a functioning education system. In the South, on the other hand, only 5% of the population has enough food and shelter. It "lacks appropriate technology, it has no political stability, the economies are disarticulated, and their foreign exchange earnings depend on primary product exports."

The South may also refer to the , separated from the by the . Alternatively, it may refer to the , which is politically and economically unmatched with the .

Other uses
In the card game , one of the players is known for scoring purposes as South. South partners with North and plays against East and West.

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