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MacDonald, Macdonald, and McDonald are forms of the and Irish Gaelic name MacDhòmhnaill, which in modern Gaelic is approximated as . It is a where Mac means "son" and Dhòmhnaill means "of Dòmhnall". The personal name Dòmhnall is composed of the elements domno "world" and val "might", "rule". According to , the Gaelic personal name is probably a borrowing from the Dyfnwal.

In the context of , the various forms of the name refer to one of the largest clans, .

Frequency and distribution
In Scottish surname data, no distinction is made between, for instance, "Macdonald" and "MacDonald". According to this data, the following frequency information can be collated:


Frequency data from England of 1891 shows a concentration of families bearing the "Macdonald" surname in and with a lower frequency in the northernmost counties, but overall widespread distribution throughout the country. macdonald Families Living in England and Wales in 1891 - "McDonald" shares the same pattern of distribution. mcdonald Families Living in England and Wales in 1891 - Looking at contemporaneous data from the United States, coast-to-coast distribution of both "Macdonald" and "McDonald" appears in 1880. mcdonald Family History Facts 1880 - macdonald Family History Facts 1880 - Looking back to 1840 in the United States, the prevalence of "McDonald" is far greater than that of "Macdonald", with concentration in the -- corridor. mcdonald Family History Facts 1840 - macdonald Family History Facts 1840 -

Notable people: MacDonald surname
Born after 1400

Born after 1700

  • (1765–1840), French Duke of Tarento and Marshal of the Empire under Napoleon I (2nd generation French; father was Scottish)
  • , (1771-1866), early partner in the North West Company
  • (c.1791–1849), Canadian businessman and provincial politician

Born after 1800

Born after 1900

Born after 1950

Notable people: Macdonald surname
Born after 1700

Born after 1800

Born after 1900

Born after 1950

Notable people: McDonald surname
Born after 1800

Born after 1900

Born after 1950

  • (born "MacCormick" 1948–2003), British music critic and author.

Given names

  • Brothers: J.S. Macdonald (b. 1812) ↔ D.A. Macdonald (b. 1817)
  • Brothers: C. McDonald (b. 1955) ↔ D. McDonald (b. 1960)
  • Father-son: A. McDonald (b. 1937) → D. Tennant (McDonald) (b. 1971)
  • Father-Daughter-in-Law: J.A. Macdonald (b. 1874) → M.M. Macdonald (b. 1910)

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