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Element or elements may refer to:

  • , a pure substance of one type of atom
  • , a device that generates heat by electrical resistance
  • , parameters required to identify a specific orbit of one body around another
  • DNA element, a functional region of DNA, including genes and cis-regulatory elements

  • Element (category theory)
  • Element (mathematics), one of the constituents of a set
  • Differential element, an infinitesimally small change of a quantity in an integral
  • Euclid's Elements, a mathematical treatise on geometry and number theory
  • An entry, or element, of a matrix.

Philosophy and religion
  • Classical elements, ancient beliefs about the fundamental types of matter (earth, air, fire, water)
  • The elements, a religious term referring to the bread and wine of the
  • Five elements (Japanese philosophy), the basis of the universe according to Japanese philosophy
  • Mahābhūta, the four great elements in Buddhism, five in Hinduism
  • , an elemental basis of the universe according to Hindu Samkhya philosophy
  • Wuxing (Chinese philosophy), sometimes translated as five elements, the basis of the universe according to Chinese Taoin

  • Element (UML), part of the Unified Modeling Language superstructure
  • , a unit of data
  • Electrical element, an abstract part of a circuit
  • , a standard part of an HTML document
  • , a part of a document defined by a markup language
  • Structural element, in construction and engineering
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements, a bitmap graphics program
  • Adobe Premiere Elements, a video editing computer program
  • , a car
  • Element (software), a Matrix-based chat application formerly known as Riot

  • Element (Tampa), a skyscraper in Tampa, Florida, US
  • Element by Westin, a brand of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide
  • Element Electronics, an American electronics company
  • Element Skateboards, a skateboard manufacturer
  • Elements (restaurant), in Princeton, New Jersey
  • Elements, Hong Kong, a shopping mall in Hong Kong


  • "Element" (song), a 2017 song by Kendrick Lamar
  • "Element", a song by Deerhunter from their 2019 album Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?
  • "Elements", a song by Stratovarius from the 2003 album Elements Pt. 1
  • Element (production team), a Norwegian production and songwriting team
  • Elements (band), American jazz band 1980s–1990s
  • Elements (Atheist album), 1993
  • Elements (B.o.B album), 2016
  • Elements (Ludovico Einaudi album), 2015
  • Elements (Roger Glover album), 1978
  • Elements (Steve Howe album), 2003
  • Elements, debut EP by Elaine, 2019
  • by Mike Oldfield, four CD edition
  • Elements – The Best of Mike Oldfield, single CD edition
  • Elements – The Best of Mike Oldfield (video)
  • The Elements (Joe Henderson album), 1973
  • The Elements (Second Person album), 2007
  • The Elements (TobyMac album), 2018
  • "The Elements" (song), by Tom Lehrer
  • "Element", a song by the American rapper Pop Smoke from his mixtape Meet the Woo 2

Other entertainment
  • Elements (miniseries), a Cartoon Network miniseries
  • , three films written and directed by Deepa Mehta
  • Elements (esports), a team in the European League of Legends Championship Series


See also
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  • Elemental (disambiguation)
  • Elementary (disambiguation)
  • Five elements (disambiguation)
  • Fifth Element (disambiguation)

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