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A steeplejack is a craftsman who scales buildings, chimneys, and church steeples to carry out repairs or maintenance.

Processes and techniques
Steeplejacks erect ladders on church , industrial , , bell towers, , or any other high structure. In the UK, steeplejacks now use a rope fall-arrest system (similar to the method used by rock climbers) attached to the ladders as they are erected to eliminate and greatly reduce the risk of falls from height.

Once ladders have been erected, the next stage is usually to suspend a bosun's chair (a strong wooden plank on which the steeplejack can sit, pull themselves upwards or lower themselves downwards, or sit in a stationary position), but equipment is replacing the bosun's chair on many operations because of its lighter weight.

Once this has been done it is possible to use this access to begin building to carry out any repairs which may be required. This is done by fixing into the wall (whether concrete, stone, or brick) and "kicking" the scaffolding off from there.

It is also possible to carry out repairs from "suspended access cradles". These are the same type of rig window cleaners use on . The cradle is suspended from four wires. Two of these run through an electric motor which can "climb" or "descend" the wire, and the other two run freely through a box which allows the cradle to travel upwards with no obstruction, but will stop it instantly if it starts to fall. These "suspended access cradles" are popularly called "swing stages" by their crews.

Steeplejacks are called upon to repair or replace (brick, stone or concrete), carry out general or or roof repair, remove and clean and repair windows, as well as sandblasting and other masonry cleaning tasks.

In , Canada, many steeplejacks are represented by Local 598 of the union (Operative and Cement Masons International Association of the United States and Canada), and are required to complete a five-year apprenticeship.

United Kingdom
In the UK steeplejack companies may be members of the industry association ATLAS (Association of Technical Lightning and Access Specialists). Britain's most famous steeplejack was , who became a television presenter and celebrity as a result of his craft and personality.


in central , England, taken around 1960. The enlargement shows the total lack of safety precautions.]]
section of Kingston, New York.]]

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