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Chernomorenergo is a state-owned power company of . It is responsible for the distribution of electricity in Abkhazia and operates the .

It is currently headed by .

In February 1995, the Ministry for Energy was transformed into the state company Abkhazenergo. The company's first Chairman was Khuta Jinjolia, who had previously been Minister for Energy. In June of the same year, it was renamed to Chernomorenergo and turned into a state-owned private company.

In December 1999, outgoing Prime Minister was appointed Chairman of Chernomorenergo. On 1 May 2000, its status reversed to that of state company. After the election of Bagapsh as , he was succeeded by on 6 May 2005.

Following the and the election of President , Chernomorenergo was transformed into a Republican Unitary Enterprise and was appointed its new chairman.

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