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Lan or LAN may also refer to:

Science and technology
  • Local asymptotic normality, a fundamental property of regular models in statistics
  • Longitude of the ascending node, one of the orbital elements used to specify the orbit of an object in space
  • Łan, unit of measurement in Poland
  • Local area network, a computer network that interconnects within a limited area such as one or more buildings
  • Lan blood group system, a human blood group
  • Lanthanum nitride, a chemical compound whose formula is LaN

  • (Chapman code), England
  • Lancaster railway station (National Rail station code), England
  • Capital Region International Airport (IATA airport code), Lansing, Michigan, US
  • , Shanxi, China
  • Łan, Lublin Voivodeship, Poland
  • Lan (river), Belarus
  • Llan (placename), a placename element known in Breton as lan


  • Lan (film), a 2009 Chinese film
  • , a fictional character from Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series
  • , protagonist of the Mega Man: Battle Network series of video games and animated television shows

  • Lan (surname 蓝), a Chinese surname
  • Lan (surname 兰), a Chinese surname
  • Lan (given name), a given name (including a list of people with the name)
  • Lan (tribe), ethnic group in Han dynasty China
  • (born 1952), South African-born British playwright
  • (1930–2019), American politician
  • Phạm Chi Lan, Vietnamese economist

  • Lan, Aeon of The Hunt in

Other uses
  • Län, administrative division used in Sweden and until 2009 in Finland
  • Lan (tribe), a tribe of Eastern Huns
  • Lan, a Cantonese profanity
  • Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, an American civil engineering company
  • List of storms named Lan

See also
  • , a social happening on a local area network e.g multiplayer games.
  • Lans (disambiguation)
  • Llan (disambiguation)

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