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Filipino Plaza is a landscaped park located on Vanness Avenue, west of SkyTrain's in the city of , Canada. The open park, sometimes referred to as a linear park, is located underneath the SkyTrain Expo Line, and was one of the dozens of open parks built in 1986 as part of BC Transit's Parkway Program showcasing different cultural parks on the 26-kilometre path that parallels the SkyTrain. Many ethnic communities created legacies on the linear park under the Skytrain in 1986.

Designed by architect Bert Morelos, the park consists of a wooden , a very distinctive and colourful logo, and two walls made up of 2,000 red bricks donated by Filipino-Canadians representing the pioneers of the plaza.Philippine Asian Chronicle Publishing, "Philippine Asian Chronicle," Sept. 1-15, 2010 Issues, page a7

Construction of the park was made possible with the spirit of Filipino-Canadian members of the "Filipino Plaza Committee of 1985." The designer of the logo and the park itself was .AtinIto Publishing, Inc."Atin Ito Newspaper," March 1986, Page 22 The committee led the effort of the many in raising enough money for the plaza.Philippine Journal Publishing, "Philippine Journal Newspaper," Vol. 2010, Issue 015, Sept. 6-23, 2010, Page 1, Section A

In 2010, a Filipino Plaza Committee was formed to handle proposed improvements.

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