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Thermal radiation heat transfer

ISBN 9781560328391
REGISTERED: 11/13/17
UPDATED: 10/28/21

Figure 4-17 shows the normal spectral emissivity of a silicon semiconductor. The Hagen-Rubens relation, shown for comparison, is based on the dc resistivity measured for the same sample, one of the few cases where such comparable ...

  • ISBN bar code 9781560328391 ξ1 registered May 13 2012
  • ISBN bar code 9781560328391 ξ2 registered May 13 2012
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This extensively revised 4th edition provides an up-to-date, comprehensive single source of information on the important subjects in engineering radiative heat transfer. It presents the subject in a progressive manner that is excellent for classroom use or self-study, and also provides an annotated reference to literature and research in the field. The foundations and methods for treating radiative heat transfer are developed in detail, and the methods are demonstrated and clarified by solving example problems. The examples are especially helpful for self-study. The treatment of spectral band properties of gases has been made current and the methods are described in detail and illustrated with examples. The combination of radiation with conduction and/or convection has been given more emphasis nad has been merged with results for radiation alone that serve as a limiting case; this increases practicality for energy transfer in translucent solids and fluids. A comprehensive catalog of configuration factors on the CD that is included with each book provides over 290 factors in algebraic or graphical form. Homework problems with answers are given in each chapter, and a detailed and carefully worked solution manual is available for instructors.

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    ^ (2001). Thermal radiation heat transfer, Taylor & Francis, Inc.. Wiki. (revised May 2012)

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