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High Resolution Spectroscopy

ISBN 9781483100906
REGISTERED: 05/04/20
UPDATED: 10/31/20
High Resolution Spectroscopy

High Resolution Spectroscopy discusses the underlying concepts in the different branches of spectroscopy, especially in high resolution spectroscopy

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The coverage of the book includes basic principles such as the quantization of energy, as well as the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with atoms and molecules; general experimental methods and features of instrumentation; and microwave, millimeter wave, and lamb dip spectroscopy. Also covered in the book are subjects such as the principles behind rotational spectroscopy; diatomic and polyatomic molecules in vibrational spectroscopy; and the electronic spectroscopy of atoms, as well as diatomic and polyatomic molecules. The text is recommended for engineers and physicists who would like to know more about the concepts, theories, methods, and instrumentation related to spectroscopy, particularly in the field of high resolution spectroscopy.

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