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Michael Vey 3: Battle of the Ampere

Michael Vey Michael Vey Reprint Binding: Paperback Publisher: Simon & Schuster Publish Date: 2014/05/06 Language: ENGLISH Pages: 307 Dimensions: 9.25 x 6.25 x 1.00 Weight: 0.72 ISBN-13: 9781442475120

  • Michael Vey Michael Vey Reprint available on June 04 2018 from Newegg for Https://" itemprop="offers" target="_external" title="" itemscope itemtype="">15.5
  • Michael Vey 3: Battle of the Ampere available on February 19 2015 from Amazon for 2.98
  • ISBN bar code 9781442475120 ξ1 registered December 04 2014
  • ISBN bar code 9781442475120 ξ2 registered January 17 2017
  • ISBN bar code 9781442475120 ξ3 registered February 19 2015
  • Product category is Book
  • Manufacturered by Simon Pulse/Mercury Ink

  • # 9SIA9UT3Y56962

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The hair-raising action continues for Michael Vey in this charged third installment of the #1 New York Times bestselling series.Michael, Taylor, Ostin and the rest of the Electroclan have destroyed the largest of the Elgen Starxource plants, but now they’re scattered across the Amazon jungle. The Elgen have joined forces with the Peruvian army to capture the Electroclan, and only Michael has managed to remain free. With his friends due to stand trial for terrorism—a charge that may carry the death penalty—Michael will need all his wits and his abilities if he’s to save them. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Dr. Hatch and his loyal Electric Children have seized control of the E.S. Ampere—the super yacht the Elgen use as their headquarters. With the Elgen fleet now under his control, Hatch heads back to Peru to pick up his army and then begin his quest for global domination. Michael will have to free his friends then find a way to stop Hatch, but the organization behind the mysterious voice that has guided him to this point has been compromised. Hatch knows Michael and the Electroclan are coming. And he’s ready for them. Can the Electroclan win the battle of the Ampere? Or has Michael’s luck finally run out? Amazon Exclusive: Glenn Beck Interviews Richard Paul Evans Glenn BeckRichard Paul Evans In this exclusive interview,Richard Paul Evans, the #1 bestselling author of Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25, speaks with Glenn Beck about where the idea for the series came from, why Michael Vey is an unexpected hero, and what comes next for Michael Vey. Glenn Beck: I know why I was drawn to reading this series, but what inspired you to write it? Richard Paul Evans: Two things inspired Michael Vey. First, after writing literary novels for more than two decades, I wanted to write something just for the sheer joy of it. I’ve always loved superhero stories. When I was a boy I used to rake leaves for the neighbors for money to buy comic books. So writing Michael Vey was personally satisfying. Second, I felt like the Young Adult genre had been overrun by vampire- and dystopian-themed books. I just wanted to write an original good read—something unique and exciting without all the negative life scripts for youth. GB: Where did the idea for electric children initially come from? RPE: Good question. After more than 75 years of comic books, it wasn’t easy finding a unique superpower—and Michael Vey isn’t the first to use electricity. But once I came up with the idea to focus all the youth’s powers around electricity, I was able to create something that I felt was both entertaining and distinct. GB: What’s the best story you’ve heard from other parents about their kids being introduced to the books? RPE: While I’ll never tire of hearing that the Michael Vey series got a child to read, my favorite story came from a parent of a youth struggling with severe Tourette’s Syndrome. Her child decided that if Michael Vey could face his Tourette’s with courage then so could she. This mother said the book made a remarkable difference in her child’s self-esteem and social life at school. GB: Michael Vey has Tourette’s syndrome and isn't necessarily the “cool kid” in school. In other words, he’s not your typical hero. Why didn’t you make him the quarterback/prom king/valedictorian that most readers are used to? RPE: I wanted a hero that the average reader could relate to. I’ve never believed that the real heroes of this world have perfect physiques and bulging muscles. A hero’s power comes from the heart not the biceps. I wanted Michael Vey to exemplify that. GB: The big reveal of why these kids are being hunted is really unique and original—it's not wizards or angels or vampires. Where did you get this idea? RPE: Once I developed a plausible explanation for how these youths developed their particular mutation, it opened up an entire world of social, ethical, and political options to explore. The direction the story line can follow is infinite in possibility. GB: Every time my kids read another book in the series they ask me this, so now I get to finally ask you: If you had to pick one of the kids’ powers to have yourself, which would it be and why? RPE: Frankly, I’d love to have any of the Electric kids’ powers (except Nichelle’s), but, from a practical standpoint, I’d have to go with Taylor’s. The ability to reboot people at any moment would give you a tremendous amount of power over any situation. (Imagine Taylor at the presidential debates!) And reading minds would definitely come in handy—especially my wife’s. GB: I know there’s a lot more still to come in this series. Do you have the whole thing mapped out in your head already or does it come to you over time? RPE: Since the moment I began writing Michael Vey, the series has felt like a gift to me. I have some general ideas on where the series will go over the seven books and a pretty good idea at how it will conclude, but the details still come to me like manna—just enough for the day.

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    ^ Michael Vey Michael Vey Reprint, Simon & Schuster. Newegg. (revised Jun 2018)
    ^ (2014). Michael Vey 3: Battle of the Ampere, Simon Pulse/mercury Ink. Amazon. (revised Feb 2015)

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