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Strategic Recreation Managementis a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the fundamental principles, managerial techniques and practices in the public administration of recreational services

  • Strategic Recreation Management available on April 12 2017 from ECampus for 47.73
  • Strategic Recreation Management available on March 30 2017 from Indigo for 66.5
  • ISBN bar code 9780415783644 ξ1 registered July 21 2013
  • ISBN bar code 9780415783644 ξ2 registered March 30 2017
  • Product category is Book

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It covers every key facet of public management as it concerns recreational service, including organizational, operational, planning, developmental, and managerial procedures, as well as examining all the contextual factors that influence the delivery of recreation, such as political pressures, economics, social considerations, physical resources, and citizens'' perception of the field and its performance.Each chapter offers illustrative case studies from the real world of recreation management, with chapters sequenced to represent the typical day-to-day challenges and issues in recreation service. Authors Jay Shivers and Joseph Halper have many years'' experience of working in the recreational sector, as educators and practitioners, and the result is a textbook that provides the perfect foundation for any degree-level course in recreation management, as well as being an indispensible reference for all professionals working in recreation service.

    ^ (2013). Strategic Recreation Management ECampus. (revised Apr 2017)
    ^ Strategic Recreation Management Indigo. (revised Mar 2017)

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