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  • Essentials Of Marketing available on November 05 2023 from BiggerBooks for 5.14
  • Essentials Of Marketing available on March 25 2017 from Indigo for 77.95
  • Essentials of Marketing available on May 21 2015 from ECampus for 68.25
  • ISBN bar code 9780199646500 ξ3 registered November 05 2023
  • ISBN bar code 9780199646500 ξ2 registered August 08 2021
  • ISBN bar code 9780199646500 ξ4 registered March 25 2017
  • ISBN bar code 9780199646500 ξ1 registered September 21 2015
  • ISBN bar code 9780199646500 ξ5 registered July 21 2013
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Do your students need a fresh and concise introduction to marketing? Are they motivated by learning first hand from marketers at organizations like HMV and System Bolaget ? Are they excited by the prolific growth in social media and its implications for marketing? Packed full of exciting and meaningful cases from organizations such as IKEA, FourSquare, Groupon and WOMAD, students are encouraged to think critically and consider how they would tackle the real marketing challenges and issues encountered by professionals on a daily basis. Covering the latest trends and developments in marketing, including social media and mobile marketing, students are given the opportunity to go beyond classical marketing theories and explore the latest cutting edge perspectives Lecturers and students are provided with truly innovative online resources which are carefully integrated with the textbook. For lecturers: DT Access exclusive video interviews of marketers from well-known organizations including HMV and Innocent to share with your students and help make marketing theory relevant to them DT Save time by using the fantastic bank of additional resources including PowerPoint slides, comprehensive library of YouTube clips, test bank and tutorial activities to help support your teaching. For students: DT Learn from the top recruitment professionals on the attributes they look for in graduates entering the workplace DT Explore the latest developments in digital marketing and social media DT Download our expert authors'' podcasts to learn and revise on the go DT Check you''ve really understood with a wealth of multiple choice questions, worksheets and activities

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