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World Turned Upside Down

UPC 880856000092
REGISTERED: 07/14/18
UPDATED: 08/04/20
World Turned Upside Down
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World Turned Upside Down

  • World Turned Upside Down available on November 14 2014 from Amazon for 15.04
  • UPC bar code 880856000092 ξ1 registered November 14 2014
  • Product category is Audio Music
  • Manufacturered by Colonial Williamsburg

Music from the Yorktown Battlefield. The music performed was chosen to highlight the countries and styles of music found at Yorktown- music from Britain, and its mercenaries, the Hessians (Germans), and the music of America and its ally, the French. Some of the music can be directly traced to a unit or action at Yorktown, while other tunes trace their origins to one of the countries that fought in 1781.

    ^ (2003). World Turned Upside Down, Colonial Williamsburg. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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This is a great compulation of drum and fife marching tunes and very well recorded (or enhanced). If, you like military marching music, or the sound of the shrill fife and drum cadence... you should purchase this musical CD!American, British, French, or German...You will want to march with them all! The battle of Concord and Saratoga take on new meaning when you hear these tunes.
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I used the CD for examples of Revolutionary War music in three classes. Everyone liked the CD and got a more complete view of what went on during that time. It wasn't just textbook learning anymore. It came to life. I will definitely use the CD again.
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