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Euro Price - 5.49. RRP Euros - 27.59.

  • Mind Your Language: Learn English available on February 15 2024 from Zavvi for 6.00
  • Mind Your Language: Learn English available on November 03 2023 from TheHut for 4.52
  • Mind Your Language - Learn English (Nintendo DS) available on February 23 2016 from Amazon for 4.73
  • EAN bar code 8430613001354 ξ1 registered February 15 2024
  • EAN bar code 8430613001354 ξ2 registered November 03 2023
  • EAN bar code 8430613001354 ξ3 registered February 23 2016
  • Product category is NDS Software Game
  • Manufacturered by Nintendo
  • Play V

Mind Your Language turns understanding a new language into a fun exciting game where you learn while you play. By using minigames to teach Vocabulary and Grammar players gain a knowledge of a foreign language without even realising they are learning. Features: Character Creation System to personalise your learning experience 3D representation of a school that the player is free to explore and discover hidden words and letters Eight different fun and engaging minigames that teach different aspects of learning a language: Adjectives Nouns Articles and more Recordings of over 1000 words to allow the player to understand pronunciation Rewards system that shows how well the player is doing and keeps a full progress of the game Over 20 characters that give the player assistance throughout the game Wordbag where the player builds their own personal library of words Dictionary that gives definitions and translations of all words within the game

    ^ Mind Your Language: Learn English, Play V. Zavvi. (revised Feb 2024)
    ^ Mind Your Language: Learn English, Play V. TheHut. (revised Nov 2023)
    ^ Mind Your Language - Learn English (Nintendo DS), Nintendo. Amazon. (revised Feb 2016)

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