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Logitech Stereo Headset H110

UPC 777004583975
REGISTERED: 04/25/18
UPDATED: 02/22/24
Logitech Stereo Headset H110

Logitech Stereo Headset H110

  • Logitech Stereo Headset H110 available on December 07 2015 from Amazon for 10.05
  • UPC bar code 777004583975 ξ1 registered July 09 2015
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by Logitech, Inc
  • 981-000214
  • # DA4536
  • Product color is Silver

  • Product weight is 0.4 lbs.
Noise-cancelling microphone reduces room noise for clearer Internet calls Full stereo sound for your music, movies and games Rotating microphone boom can be worn on your left or right side Adjustable headband gives you a customized fit Corded 3.5mm plugs for easy PC connection; works with virtually any PC sound card Start talking with the Logitech Stereo Headset H110. It’s perfect for making Internet calls, listening to music, and playing games, too. A noise-canceling microphone helps keep your conversations clear.

    ^ Logitech Stereo Headset H110, Logitech, Inc. Amazon. (revised Dec 2015)

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I bought two of these on April 4, 2011. Today (August 31, 2012) I am finally switching to the second one. The first one lasted over a year and four months of heavy daily use. That is 10 to 16 hours of heavy use every day, seven days a week. I paid $13.22 a piece for these, and about $2.25 a piece for shipping. So, these head phones that cost me about $15.45 total when I bought them have given me roughly 6,500 hours of service... and the only reason I'm switchi..
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