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Railtek Belts Men's Leather Ratchet Belt - Zinc Dark Brown Leather

UPC 723120681118
REGISTERED: 08/12/19
UPDATED: 08/07/20
Railtek Belts Men's Leather Ratchet Belt - Zinc Dark Brown Leather
Rank: 56%
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Railtek Belts Men's Leather Ratchet Belt - Zinc Dark Brown Leather

  • Railtek Belts Men's Leather Ratchet Belt - Zinc Dark Brown Leather available on May 24 2019 from Amazon for 29.95
  • UPC bar code 723120681118 ξ1 registered May 24 2019
  • Product category is Apparel Belt

  • Product color is Zinc Buckle & Dark Brown Leather

✔ ONE SIZE, UP TO 50" WAIST - Each leather belt can be custom fit to your waist size by detaching the buckle, cutting off the excess belt strap with basic scissors, and reclamping the automatic buckle back on for a tailored fit. Fits ANY waist from 18" all the way to a 50" waist... Seriously any waist size up to 50"! ✔ GENUINE LEATHER & STURDY BUCKLE - Quality leather belts made of genuine leather and a sturdy durable automatic buckle. Stay looking dapper while allowing for 1/4 inch adjustments. Great for your new golf belt, wedding, or everyday mens belt. We are style-conscious and strive to provide a design that is clean and professional with a touch of modern class. ✔ TRIM TO FIT, NO HOLES, RATCHET SYSTEM - No Holes and a Perfect Fit. No more notches, holes, or bends in your belt that show where you have worn it for so long. This belt will change how you Look at belts. Just Cut to size, slide belt through the belt buckle, click belt into place, and you are set. PERFECT FIT EVERY TIME! Our mission is to provide the best quality adjustable belt at an affordable price. ✔ DIMENSIONS: BELT: 1-3/8 in. (3.5cm/35 mm) wide; BUCKLE: 1-9/16 in. (4 cm/40 mm) wide - All belts Fit ANY waist from 18" to a 50"waist. ✔ 1 YEAR GUARANTEE & FREE MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTH - Long live your belt... PLUS a FREE Microfiber Cloth to keep it looking clean! If you are ever unsatisfied with the quality or performance of your belt, contact us and we will make it right! Your satisfaction is our #1 goal and we are confident you will love your Railtek Belt. Our belts are Quality Leather Belts meant to last. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!! With a sleek color and simple look, the Zinc buckle will make even your khakis jealous. Railtek Belts are a unique kind of belt with no holes and a perfect fit every time! Railtek Belts are a high quality fashionable belt that will change how you look at belts. Our ratchet belts with no holes are fine tuned and custom designed to make you stand out from the crowd. Why Railtek? High Quality Belts We strive to create the best possible product at a price everyone can afford. Railtek uses genuine leather and durable long lasting buckles to make your belt last. No more buying a new belt every 6 months. Ratchet System Our ratchet system on the belts is effortless. Push the belt in, pull it, and the buckle does the work for you. No more Holes, no more damaging the belt by tugging and pulling on it to find the right hole. Our ratchet belts are made to last and function just like you want them to... effortlessly! Design Railtek Belts strives to produce fashionable leather belts that automatically fit no matter how your body feels that day. Our buckles are a perfect addition to any attire. No Holes, Perfect Fit, Everytime No more holes. No more awkward adjustments. Railtek provides automatic adjusting belts with just a slide of the ratchet on the back of each belt. This is because of the rail system embedded on the back side of the belt which interacts with the buckle to incrementally tighten or loosen your belt 1/4 of an inch at a time. No more dealing with the huge 1 inch gap between traditional belt holes! This no-hole leather belt will be the best fit your waist has had since sweat pants. Service Railtek Belts offers top notch service. NOT Satisfied, Let us know, we'll make it right! Your satisfaction is 100% our focus.

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