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BaoFeng UV-5R 65-108 MHz Dual-Band Ham Radio (Black)

UPC 640522804726
REGISTERED: 09/05/18
UPDATED: 05/26/20
BaoFeng UV-5R 65-108 MHz Dual-Band Ham Radio (Black)
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BaoFeng UV-5R 65-108 MHz Dual-Band Ham Radio (Black)

  • BaoFeng UV-5R 65-108 MHz Dual-Band Ham Radio (Black) available on August 13 2016 from Amazon for 26.79
  • UPC bar code 640522804726 ξ1 registered January 06 2014
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by BaoFeng
  • UV-5R

  • Product color is Black

  • Product weight is 1.15 lbs.
Dual-Band Display, Dual Freq. Display, Dual-Standby 25KHz/12.5KHz Switchable Channel Step: 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25KHz Frequency Range: 136-174 / 400-480MHz 128 Channels 50 CTCSS and 104 CDCSS This BAOFENG UV-5R transceiver is a micro-miniature multiband FM transceiver with extensive receive frequency coverage, providing local-area two-way amateur communications along with unmatched monitoring capability.For the troubleshooting steps please refer Page no.18 in the user manual attached below.

    ^ BaoFeng UV-5R 65-108 MHz Dual-Band Ham Radio (Black), Baofeng. Amazon. (revised Aug 2016)

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I purchased 2 of these for "Just in case" in my camper, figuring for the price, as long as we could talk to each other across a couple of miles in an emergency, they would be worth the $ 100.00 for the pair.I ordered them on Wednesday, Amazon had them at my door on Thursday ! They were in a tiny little box about the size of a shoe box, so I didn't even bother to open it at first, figuring it was a pair of shoes that my wife was waiting for.I got in a little trouble..
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