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Finale Allegro 2007

UPC 606776001410
REGISTERED: 06/10/19
UPDATED: 08/25/19

Finale Allegro 2007

  • Finale Allegro 2007 available on November 11 2014 from Amazon for 199.95
  • UPC bar code 606776001410 ξ1 registered November 11 2014
  • Product category is Software Windows
  • Manufacturered by Finale
  • AHR07
  • # NV2214885

  • Product weight is 1 lbs.
  • Exercise Wizard-create your own exercises * Graphic Mixer controls volume, panning, reverb,solo, mute, MIDI channel and patch * Download MIDI files and see them notated instantly * Tab is definable for any instrument * Hide empty staves, copy and paste functions for lyrics

    ^ (2007). Finale Allegro 2007, Finale. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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I'm doing the 30 day free trial too, anyway, I'm studying vocals (singing different types of songs) and I wanted to be able to edit the music (change notes around, lengthen them, and then hear them played--and this program does that).But when I started opening a midi file to take a look at, listen to and edit for my own singing, it doesn't do that too well. Notes are missing and when it plays it squeeks some notes out.So, I tried it with a Tiff File, same thing.I then tried starting a new, blank sheet music..
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I had been using Finale Notepad to begin the development of an orchestration piece. I used the trial version of Allegro, and I found it to be EVERYTHING that I wanted. I then looked for the best overall deal I could find, and it was on Amazon. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and with the Allegro 2007 product. I highly recommend it if you want to develop your own musical scores. I would give it a Standing Ovation !!!Stuart Gustafson
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I recently purchased Finale Allegro 2007 and then updated to 2007b, which is *essential* if you are running Windows Vista. The company claims it is "fully compatible" with Vista, but even with the update, this software runs poorly on Vista (Vista Business version on my laptop). Finale is slow, it is difficult to control note placement even when you zoom in, and 16th and 32nd notes appear bunched together on the screen making them hard to read afterward (I don't know if it prints this way or not, as I haven'..
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