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Can You Imagine Time Machine Tabletop Clock

UPC 604020054007
REGISTERED: 05/23/20
UPDATED: 03/03/21
Can You Imagine Time Machine Tabletop Clock
Can You Imagine Time Machine Tabletop Clock

  • Can You Imagine Time Machine Tabletop Clock available on January 03 2015 from Amazon for 25.11
  • UPC bar code 604020054007 ξ1 registered January 03 2015
  • Product category is Video Movie
  • Manufacturered by Can You Imagine
  • 5413
  • # 2H-JZYN-2DKK

  • Product weight is 3.1 lbs.
  • High quality wooden spiral track * 3 drop/connecting holes * Helix: 14 3/4 long, 9 1/2 inch diameter * Accelerator: 1 1/2 x 1 5/8 inches Ages 4 5413 Features: -Time machine kinetic display clock.-Materials: Plastic.-Kinetic display clock that's fun to watch.-Just turn it on and its precise mechanism transfers a chrome ball every sixty seconds for the perfect time.-Batteries: 4 C.

    ^ Can You Imagine Time Machine Tabletop Clock, Can You Imagine. Amazon. (revised Jan 2015)

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I had the original ball clock back in the mid-70s but it didn't survive a move so when this version came out we bought a couple this time.Unlike the original, you don't have to put it together, which was a positive. Also unlike the original, the arm doesn't move constantly, which turns out to be both a positive and a negative. On the positive side, the arm moves faster than one revolution a minute, which means it is less likely to drop a ball, which happened often with the old clock. On the negative side,..
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I got this clock and after reading the reviews I would like to suggest a few steps that will lower substantially the mechanical noise of this clock.As most people say, this clock is very noisy, and I must agree, so, I decided to improve the noise level and the result is a much improved overall noise level. One must keep in mind that this is a device that is made of plastic and has dozen of steel balls circulating on its troughs, so, don't expect it to be as quite as a conventional clock.First thing to impro..
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I had always wanted one of these, and finally got one a few years ago. I'm still very fond of it, but I rarely plug it in. It's fine if you're actually sitting and watching it, but there was nowhere I could put it in my house that the incessant clunking of balls wouldn't drive me nuts the rest of the time. Don't even *think* about putting one of these in a bedroom, unless it's occupied by somebody with severe hearing loss. Other than that, though, these clocks are fascinating and great fun.
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