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Worried About The Boy - Limited Edition

Euro Price - 9.65. RRP Euros - 27.59.

  • Worried About The Boy - Limited Edition available on November 17 2023 from TheHut for 10.55
  • Worried About The Boy (2010) - Limited Edition 2 Disc available on May 12 2018 from Base for 5.49
  • EAN bar code 5050582789195 ξ1 registered November 17 2023
  • EAN bar code 5050582789195 ξ2 registered May 12 2018
  • Product category is DVD Apparel

Includes 1 Feature DVD as well as the CD: Boy George & Culture Club - At Worst: Best Of 'Worried About the Boy' is a 90 minute film featuring talented newcomer Douglas Booth Mathew Horne (Gavin & Stacey) Marc Warren (Hustle) and Mark Gatiss for BBC2's season of celebratory programming on the 1980s. At its heart it is a coming-of-age story about a 19 year old boy moving to London establishing his personal independence and becoming an influential part of a fashion cult. In the past 30 odd years George O'Dowd has made more than a few headlines. This film concentrates in particular the period between 1980 and 1982 just before the success of  Culture Club's Do You Really changed his life. Living in a squat on Great Titchfield Street regularly attending the Blitz Club falling in and out of love being photographed for looking fabulous forming a band... these are experiences that any 19 year old dreams of. George O'Dowd became famous all over the world simply by being himself. The film is a compassionate biography of a much loved icon. Boy George's debut appearance on Top of the Pops was the defining televisual moment of 1982; it heralded in a new era of fashion and pop music. The film takes a wry look at Boy George's determination to stand out from the crowd - even a crowd as distinctive as the Blitz kids. His success was unprecedented - changing a whole generation's attitude to music and gender. WORRIED ABOUT THE BOY is an affectionate look at a much-loved icon. The title is taken from a 1986 newspaper headline which broke during George's heavily-reported drug problem of the time - even through the bad times the film shows how the public's affection for Boy George has remained. This Limited Edition 2 disc set contains the full DVD plus the 19 track CD: Boy George & Culture Club's At Worst: Best of Special Features: Behind the scenes featuring Boy George plus interviews with Douglas Booth Mathew Horne Marc Warren Mark Gatiss and director Julian Jarrold  

    ^ Worried About The Boy - Limited Edition, Universal Pictures. TheHut. (revised Nov 2023)
    ^ Worried About The Boy (2010) - Limited Edition 2 Disc Base. (revised May 2018)

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