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Bruce Lee Box Set Anniversary Edition - The Intercepting Fist / Jeet Kune Do / Path of the Dragon

Euro Price - 20.69. RRP Euros - 41.39.

  • Bruce Lee: Box Set - Anniversary Edition available on July 20 2021 from TheHut for 22.63
  • Bruce Lee Box Set - The Ultimate Collection DVD available on March 07 2019 from Amazon for 23.16
  • Bruce Lee Box Set Anniversary Edition - The Intercepting Fist / Jeet Kune Do / Path of the Dragon available on March 28 2015 from Base for 15.29
  • EAN bar code 5030697017857 ξ1 registered July 20 2021
  • EAN bar code 5030697017857 ξ2 registered December 30 2018
  • EAN bar code 5030697017857 ξ3 registered September 27 2014
  • Product category is DVD Video Movie
  • Manufacturered by Mediumrare
  • FHED2745

  • Product weight is 0.19 lbs.
HIS MARTIAL ARTS. HIS MOVIES. HIS LIFE Over 6 hours of exceptional footage produced in collaboration with the heirs of the Bruce Lee Estate: Featuring his best combat scenes rare footage of Bruce Lee in training including his own technique and adapted martial art - Jeet Kune Do. Also previously unreleased footage from his unfinished movie: ‘Game of death’ personal training deleted scenes behind the scenes and interviews with his close family and entourage. THE INTERCEPTING FIST Born in the year of the Dragon. Bruce Lee’s unique combination of Eastern heritage with Western influence lead to a revolution in Martial Arts and action movie making. Follow the transformation of this legendary master from a young student to a skilled teacher and learn how hardship helped shape the career of the man with the intercepting fist. This DVD includes rare footage of Bruce Lee training and teaching a behind the scenes look at Bruce Lee's movies all of Lee's appearances in Longstreet never before seen footage from his unfinished movie - 'Game Of Death' spectacular excerpts from his movies never before seen out-take footage as well as interviews with his friends students and co-stars. JEET KUNE DO Narrated by Bruce Lee himself he explains and demonstrates his punching method his kicking technique his movement and combat principles and his unique philosophies. Using an impressive collection of personal notes stunning and rare action footage of Bruce Lee and numerous interviews with his friends and colleagues including Dan Inosanto this programme concentrates on Bruce Lee's unique form of martial arts - Jeet Kune Do capturing Bruce Lee at his best. PATH OF THE DRAGON Produced and directed by Walt Missingham who in 1983 became the first non-Chinese to practice Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple this authoritative and informative programme uses rarely seen archive footage to trace both the history of martial arts and the phenomenal impact Bruce Lee had on this culture. Narrated by Lee's daughter Shannon Lee Keasler.

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