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Belkin Air Protect Grip Vue Protective Case For Galaxy S5 - Smartphone - Slate - Tint - Plastic F8m915b1c00

B BELKIN GALAXY S5 PROTECTIVE CASES, WALLETS amp FOLIOS b p We believe rugged protection doesn't have to be overpowering, and that you shouldn't have to choose between a case that gives you peace of mind and one that fits in your pocket

  • Belkin Air Protect Grip Vue Protective Case For Galaxy S5 - Smartphone - Slate - Tint - Plastic F8m915b1c00 available on November 17 2017 from TechForLess for 4.49
  • Belkin F8m915b1c00 Grip View Protection Case available on August 11 2016 from FactoryOutletStore for 19.95
  • UPC bar code 745883649471 ξ1 registered November 02 2016
  • UPC bar code 745883649471 ξ2 registered September 20 2014
  • Product category is Electronic

Strength truly comes from smart design. That's why each of our Galaxy S5 Protective Cases, Wallets and Folios have gone through a design evolution, making the typical bulky protective case a thing of the past. p b WORKS WITH b p Galaxy S5 p b THE BELKIN DIFFERENCE b ul li Dual Layer Protection ul li Multi layer inner frame li li See through outer shell li ul li li Bulk free damage defense li li Easy to take on and off li li Full access to camera and ports li ul b DUAL LAYER PROTECTION YOU CAN SEEMULTI LAYER INNER FRAME b p The edges and corners of your phone are the parts most vulnerable to damage. So it makes sense that the strongest part of the case should be the frame around those edges. To get that added protection, we designed the Grip Vue Galaxy S5 protective case with an inner frame that has multiple layers of shockproof polycarbonate. p b SEE THROUGH OUTER SHELL b p The best way to protect your phone is to prevent the chance of damage in the first place. The outer shell is soft and semi flexible, safeguarding your phone, but better yet making it easier to hold onto. That added security and stabilization helps keep your phone from slipping out of your hand. But accidents happen, so even if or let's be honest when it does drop, your phone is still fully cushioned and protected. p b BULK FREE DAMAGE DEFENSE b p The Belkin Galaxy S5 Grip Vue Case is made of a semi flexible plastic that clings to your Galaxy S5 like a shock absorbent second skin. When you put the Belkin Grip Vue case on your Galaxy S5, you'll notice that the edges of the case wrap around your phone ever so slightly. We designed the case this way so when you place your phone facedown on a flat surface, your screen is less likely to get scratched but it's still just as easy to get in and out of your pocket or bag. p b EASY TO TAKE ON amp OFF b p Unlike other extreme protection cases, the Grip Vue case's flexible material makes it quick and easy to take on and off. Now you can change your case as often as you change your look. p b FULL CAMERA amp PORT ACCESS b p Our Belkin Grip Vue case is designed to protect the buttons on the sides of your Galaxy S5, while keeping the ports and speakers fully exposed. Adjusting your volume, plugging in your headphones, and connecting your charging cable is fast and easy all while keeping your case on and your phone fully protected. p p Compatibility Samsung Galaxy S5 p

    ^ Belkin Air Protect Grip Vue Protective Case For Galaxy S5 - Smartphone - Slate - Tint - Plastic F8m915b1c00, Belkin Components. TechForLess. (revised Nov 2017)
    ^ Belkin F8m915b1c00 Grip View Protection Case, Belkin. FactoryOutletStore. (revised Aug 2016)

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