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CTA Digital Wii Knockout Boxing Gloves

EAN 0707003243693
REGISTERED: 11/02/17
UPDATED: 04/20/19
CTA Digital Wii Knockout Boxing Gloves
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CTA Digital Wii Knockout Boxing Gloves

  • CTA Digital Wii Knockout Boxing Gloves available on April 08 2019 from Amazon for 7.99
  • UPC bar code 707003243693 ξ1 registered February 26 2015
  • Product category is Software
  • Manufacturered by CTA Digital
  • WI-KBG

  • Product color is computer

  • Product weight is 1.87 lbs.
Velcro adjustable strap One size fits all Houses Wii Remote on back of right glove Nunchuk sleeve inside the palm of the left glove Lightweight The Wii Knockout Gloves from CTA Digital are perfect for video game brawlers that want to add a touch of reality to their gaming experience. With these gloves, you get the real-deal feel and work-out of being inside a bare-knuckle, ruthless fight. The right glove has a pouch on the backside of the hand where the Wii Remote fits, while the left has a sleeve inside the palm for the Nunchuk. There is also an adjustable Velcro strap located at the wrists so you can tighten to fit the level of your comfort. All in all, the Wii Knockout Gloves are sure to make any gamers, whether novice or expert, put up and throw down for some savage video game beat-downs.

    ^ (2009). CTA Digital Wii Knockout Boxing Gloves, Cta Digital. Amazon. (revised Apr 2019)

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     When it has came down to the success of Punch Out for the Nintendo Wii, there haven't been many great accessories that complement the game for the hard core boxer. These boxing gloves for the Nintendo Wii are easy to connect to through your Wii-mote & nunchuck controller, and handle very well when your going head to head against the boxers in the hit Wii title. But that is not all, the gloves handle well on other boxing games for the Wii including Faceb..
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