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Rand Mcnally Rvnd7735 Rand Mcnally Rvnd7735

UPC 070609009711
REGISTERED: 11/05/17
UPDATED: 12/04/20
Rand Mcnally Rvnd7735 Rand Mcnally Rvnd7735
Rank: 14%
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"TripMaker® RVND&trade 7735 7"" GPS RV/Camper Navigation System Brand New, The Rand McNally RVND7735 is a widescreen High Definition 7-inch screen, RV GPS device with Wi-Fi connectivity for real-time weather information and display, and new hardware with rugged casing, video input, and brighter screen

  • Rand Mcnally Rvnd7735 Rand Mcnally Rvnd7735 available on February 26 2015 from FactoryOutletStore for 549.99
  • UPC bar code 070609009711 ξ1 registered October 30 2014
  • Product category is Electronic

A brighter screen that adjusts for low and strong light, and video input compatible with a range of back-up and rear-view cameras. The RVND7735 can be used as a car GPS as well by changing a simple setting. The RVND7735 enables you to choose your vehicle from 11 different RV types, including Class A, fifth wheel, and travel trailer. The RVND accounts for propane restrictions and even right- or left-hand turn preferences. Or switch to car mode for everyday use. It is is upgraded with latest base maps and overlaying content, such as campgrounds, parks, RV service and other RV points of interest. RVND7735 Features: GPS Vehicle Navigation System, 7"" High Definition Screen, Custom RV Specific Routing, Improved Map Colors & Text, Upgraded Speaker, Wi-Fi® Connectivity & Live Weather - Connect To a Wireless Hotspot or - Mobile Access Point on your Smartphone To Receive Live Weather Data, Fuel Logging - Track Purchases & Fuel Use, Video Input - For Back-up or Rear View Cameras - Compatible w/ a Range of Cameras - Flexibility in Display, Traffic Everywhere Premium Service, Routing For 11 Types of RV, Includes Car Mode, Warnings -For Speed Limit & Time Zone Changes -Sharp Curves, Narrow & Dirt Roads, & other Potential Hazards, Junction Views w/ Lane Assist - Complex Interchanges in 3D, Exits Quick View - RV Parking & Amenities at Exits, Preloaded maps of US & Canada, Millions of Points of Interest, Safe Routing of Larger Vehicles, Include Legal (propane & RV allowed) Weight / Height Restrictions, Enhanced Quick Planner Provides: -Quick Calculation Of Time -Mileage & Cost Per Mile, More Realistic Road Shields, Advanced Lane Guidance at Bottom of Screen - Easy to Follow at a Glance, Compare Toll vs. Non-Toll Routes - w/ Accurate Charges & Other Information, RV Checklists - Prepare for Trip Departure, Campsite Setup, or - Create your Own List, Expanded Address Book Functionality, Thousands of RV Parks & Campgroun"

    ^ Rand Mcnally Rvnd7735 Rand Mcnally Rvnd7735, Rand McNally. FactoryOutletStore. (revised Feb 2015)

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