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Korg nanoPAD2 Slim-Line USB MIDI Pads - Black

EAN 0700736573761
REGISTERED: 02/16/18
UPDATED: 06/06/20
Korg nanoPAD2 Slim-Line USB MIDI Pads - Black
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Korg nanoPAD2 Slim-Line USB MIDI Pads - Black

  • Korg nanoPAD2 Slim-Line USB MIDI Pads - Black available on June 16 2016 from Amazon for 58.18
  • UPC bar code 700736573761 ξ1 registered June 16 2016
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by Korg USA Inc.

  • Product color is Black

  • Product weight is 1 lbs.
Low-profile pad controller - excellent for playing or entering drum data Sixteen solid, responsive, and velocity-sensitive trigger pads Control multiple MIDI parameters via the X-Y Touchpad Like all nanoSERIES2 controllers, the nanoPAD2 had to be compact, lightweight and sized to work well with any laptop or desktop computer. In addition, the nanoPAD2 also had to pack in 16 great-feeling and dynamic-sensing pads – as well as leaving room for the X-Y touchpad! The Korg nanoPAD2 does all this and more. In fact, there are four banks of pad assignments, providing a total of 64 pad assignments. The sixteen velocity-sensitive pads provide excellent response to your fingertips, and also realistically convey the playing feel to your sequencer or DAW software, ensuring that your drum parts will be full of life. By switching between the four scenes, you can experience 64 different pad assignments. The X-Y pad can be used to control multiple synthesizer parameters. In addition, the new "Touch Scale” function lets you intuitively play phrases on the X-Y touchpad, just as on the Kaossilator. You can choose from sixteen different scales, and specify the root key and note range to ensure that your performance stays within your song. The "Gate Arp” function, borrowed from the Kaossilator Pro, transmits note data based on tempo; Tap tempo and tempo sync are supported. Combined with the Touch Scale, the Gate Arp allows you to play tempo-synchronized phrases and rhythms simply by stroking the X-Y pad or playing the pads. The nanoPAD2 works with the "Korg Kontrol Editor" software – available free on the Korg website. Load it into your computer, and use it to make detailed customized settings. Choose from a total of four velocity settings: three velocity curves or fixed velocity. You can also specify note numbers, create user scales for the Touch Scale function, assign chords, assign control change messages, and save your settings. Just connect a single USB cable from your computer to the nanoPAD2, and you've got a quick and portable music production system. Power and USB-MIDI data travels down the same wire for a clean, efficient workspace.

    ^ Korg nanoPAD2 Slim-Line USB MIDI Pads - Black, Korg Usa Inc.. Amazon. (revised Jun 2016)

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I recieved this in the mail 2 days ago, and i must say i am totally impressed with this unit. I programmed Reaper 3.76 using it's Midi CC message mode, and it took time using the action option in Reaper to manually program the NanoKontrol 2, to use it as the transport and mixer functions of the daw. Once i set it up (i got it programmed to 24 faders and pan knobs, plus all solo/mute/record arm buttons and the full transport as well using 3 out of 16 availiable midi..
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   Pros*Small*durable*lightweight*SUPER FAST ACTION (I put in some fast double bass notes and it responded great!)*lights on octave keys a big plus*sustain is awesome*Great for inputting notes into Sibelius, especially with Virtual Drumline*Great for putting simple ideas into a DAW*Velocity Sensitive aspet of the keys works very well*Plug n Play (I'm on Mac OS X)Cons*Keys are like laptop keys so you won't be doing super fast keyboard runs on this thing without some aw..
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I recently purchased this Nanopad for a live setup, making it my third - I own a Nano1 (black), Nano2 (white) and now this Nano2 (black).First off for the price I think these controllers are quite decent. I know some users report hardware reliability issues, but I haven't run into any problems (yet) with my 3 units. Heck, they are half the price and probably last longer than my "consumable" Macbook battery on which I spend $100 every two years!Some comparison bet..
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