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Note: Parental advisory: explicit lyrics and liner art Em's immediately recognizable rhyming style is still in evidence on Encore, with a slightly more mature outlook coming through on a few tracks like the thoughtful Toy Soldiers, lamenting the many (and dangerous) beefs present in hip-hop today

  • Encore available on March 01 2015 from Indigo for 13.02
    • Encore (Deluxe Edition) available on November 06 2014 from Amazon for 19.99
    • UPC bar code 602498646717 ξ2 registered March 01 2015
    • UPC bar code 602498646717 ξ1 registered February 14 2015
    • UPC bar code 602498646717 ξ3 registered November 06 2014
    • Product category is Video
    • Manufacturered by Aftermath

    • # 60249864671

    • Product weight is 0.28 lbs.
    A particular standout is the venomously angry anti-Bush, anti-war rallying cry Mosh, released to little airplay in the days before the 2004 U.S. presidential election. The evolving styles of some tracks have drawn criticism, saying that he has overreached himself, but anyone looking for the old, rhyme-spitting , toilet-humoured Marshall won't be disappointed. Newcomers be warned: violence, profanity and troubling lyrics are as much a part of the mix as ever, including a violent series of photos from a fictional shoot-out scattered throughout the liner notes.

      ^ Encore [PA] by Eminem (CD, Nov-2004, 2 Discs, Aftermath) (revised Feb 2015)
      ^ Encore Indigo. (revised Mar 2015)
      ^ (2004). Encore (Deluxe Edition), Aftermath. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

I can see how some Eminem fans might be disappointed with this album. Too many people were expecting another `The Eminem Show' or `Marshall Mathers LP'. But to their surprise, they got *gasp* a different album.The same thing happens with almost every artist out there. Around the fourth album or so the artist changes their style, wanting to do something different, but they end up being called sell-outs, or people are disappointed in the new sound.In my opinion, this could be Eminem's best album so far, or at..
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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

Wow, this album is absolutely horrible. I think Eminem has given up completely on actual music. It is not only hard to respect this as a rap album, but as a music album, period. Wow, it's realllllyyyy bad.
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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

I don't need to be some (...)Eminem sycophant to know this album just flat out sucks. I have all of Em's albums and this one is inescapably dull, overlong, and boring. I'm not trying to be a hater, people. But I also don't feel like I need to praise everything the man puts his name on. Eminem has set a very high standard with his previous work, and his fans should be able to expect new material to meet that standard (or surpass it) when they're shelling out hard-earned cash.Hey, I'll buy his next album ..
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