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Yay Labs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball Blue, Pint Size

UPC 054269001223
REGISTERED: 06/04/18
UPDATED: 01/15/21
Yay Labs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball Blue, Pint Size
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Yay Labs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball Blue, Pint Size

  • Yay Labs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball Blue, Pint Size available on April 28 2016 from Amazon for 29.99
  • UPC bar code 054269001223 ξ1 registered April 28 2016
  • Product category is Outdoor
  • Manufacturered by Industrial Revolution

  • Product color is Blueberry

  • Product weight is 2.7 lbs.
Soft-sided ball makes approximately one pint of home-made ice cream with about 25 minutes of active play Simply add cream, sugar and flavorings in one end and add ice and rock salt in the other end Built-in, easy-open handles with wide openings to add ingredients and scoop out ice cream Food-safe, BPA-free materials are easy to clean and dishwasher safe Recipe booklet included; approximately 8.5-Inch in diameter Make delicious, home-made ice cream anywhere with the Yay Labs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball. Add some fun to just about any outdoor event such as birthday parties, barbecues, picnics or camping trips. Just add natural ingredients as simple as cream, sugar and vanilla in one end of the Ball and add ice and rock salt in the other end. To mix the ingredients, simply shake, roll and play your way to a pint of delicious ice cream in about 25 minutes. Built-in handles make opening the ends easy - just flip back the handle to unlock. Wide and shallow canister makes it easy to stir ingredients and scoop out ice cream. Pure & Simple recipe booklet is included to spark your imagination. Also try Flavor Fountain flavorings (sold separately). Constructed from durable, food-safe, BPA-free materials. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Approximately 8.5-Inch in diameter.

    ^ Yay Labs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball Blue, Pint Size, Industrial Revolution. Amazon. (revised Apr 2016)

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   leaked at first, but the dog liked following behind and licking up the cream. after tightening the lids several times, the leaks stopped. ice cream actually got really hard. i don't like the fact that you need to stop half way through the process to mix. probably would not buy it again or recommend it. too much time for too little ice cream and the expense far, far exceeds just buying ice cream. UPDATE: I have now tried it four times and I'm done...
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