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Phil Mulloy Works On Film. The films of multi-award-winning animator Phil Mulloy are the antidote to all that is kitsch and sentimental in animation. Witty and acerbic fables drawn in brush and ink comment on human nature and contemporary values. Definit..
Phil Mulloy Works On Film 1991 - 2000

Pictures Sound Effects Series is five volumes of sound effects and dynamic audio design tailor made to elevate your productions to the content quality standards of the Hollyw
Sony Ssds1000 Sound Effects Series Voulme 1-5

While much has been written on the subject of political violence in Guatemala, Menjívar turns to a different form of suffering—the violence embedded in institutions and in everyday life so familiar and routine that it is often not recognized as such. Ra..
Enduring Violence

The 'War on Terror' finally receives the coolly critical analysis its ritual invocation has long required."—John Agnew, Professor of Geography, UCLA"Urgent, passionate and deeply humane, Violent Geographies is uncomfortable but utterly compelling reading..
Violent Geographies

In Bullying, Suicide, and Homicide, Butch Losey challenges this viewpoint, arguing that bullying is not a part of childhood development, but rather an aberrant behavior that, for the victim, can lead to adverse decisions, such as suicide and homicide. He p..
Bullying, Suicide, And Homicide

Jennifer Ritterhouse asks how children learned this racial "etiquette," which was sustained by coercion and the threat of violence. More broadly, she asks how individuals developed racial self-consciousness. Parental instruction was an important factor--bo..
Growing Up Jim Crow

Many people fled the country to escape the violence. Yet, at the same moment, a popular movement for justice brought together unlikely bands of behind-the-scenes heroes, blurring ethnic, geographic, and even class lines.The Quiet Revolutionaries is drawn f..
The Quiet Revolutionaries

While recovering from a nervous breakdown after attacking his school, he writes his memoirs. His home life has primed him for acts of self-destruction. Filled with self-doubt and loathing, James is driven to violence when he and his friends, Isabella and ..
School Shooter: In His Own Words

This victory would have been remarkable in any era, but in the context of the Jim Crow South it was revolutionary. Schooling Jim Crow tells the story of this little-known campaign, which happened less than thirteen years after the Atlanta race riot of 190..
Schooling Jim Crow

The Losers Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Columbus Short, Idris Elba, Chris Evans, Jason Patric, Zoe Saldana, Holt McCallany, Oscar Jaenada, Peter Macdissi, Peter Francis James Format: DVD Color: Color Rating: PG-13 RatingReason: sequences of intense action and viol..
The Losers

The Fields is a psychological thriller based on true events that occurred in the fall of 1973. A young boy and his family find the safety and solitude of their small farm shattered by a mysterious presence emerging from the vast cornfields surrounding the..
The Fields

After meeting the caretaker, strange things begin happening and when starts out as a quiet romantic weekend turns into the ultimate game of survival. Format: DVD Color: Color Rating: R RatingReason: violence including rape, language, some sexual content an..
The Lodge

Directed by Jonathan Kaplan. Format: DVD Color: Color Rating: PG Genre: Drama Runtime: 95 Year: 1979 Director: Jonathan Kaplan
Over The Edge

Dead or Alive 5 X360 Disney's Kim Possible: Kimmunicator DSMODEL- 00227 VENDOR- DISNEY INTERACTIVE FEATURES- Disneys Kim Possible: Kimmunicator DS Kim Possible everyones favorite crime-fighting cheerleader is back in her latest action-packed adventure Dis..
Dead Or Alive 5 X360

This Skylanders Trap Team figure requires the Traptanium Portal (included in the Trap Team Starter Pack) to be used in-game. Traps capture villains of the same element. Kaos Trap captures Kaos villain only. Capture Evil. Unleash Good. Kaos has blown up t..
Skylanders Trap Team: Earth Easter Trap Pack - Easter 2015

Ranking with Stagecoach as one of the greatest of its genre The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is the modern-day Western to beat all Westerns. John Ford whose very name is synonymous with Westerns directed the ideal cast. Jimmy Stewart plays the bungling ..
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

It's a new year at the wildest school in the world. St. Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold sees the schoolgirls start a new term amidst the usual chaos and excitement. Rupert Everett returns as unconventional headmistress Camilla Fritton alongsi..
St Trinians 2 - The Legend of Frittons Gold
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In computer programming, a parameter is a special kind of variable, used in a subroutine to refer to one of the pieces of data provided as input to the subroutine. These pieces of data are called arguments. An ordered list of parameters is usually includ

The Ganda Laurie Bauer, 2007, The Linguistics Student’s Handbook, Edinburgh language, or Luganda (Ganda: Oluganda ), is the major language of Uganda, spoken by over sixteen million Ganda and other people mainly in Southern Uganda, including the capit

Velayudham is a 2011 Tamil action masala thriller film directed by M. Raja. It stars Vijay in the title role, Abhimanyu Singh as Musafir Ibrahim, the main antagonist and Genelia D'Souza in the lead roles alongside Hansika Motwani, Saranya Mohan and Santha


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