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An exceptional text for undergraduate and graduate music students, Modal Counterpoint, Renaissance Style uses a wide variety of carefully graded exercises to present guidelines for writing and analyzing 16th-century music. The only species counterpoint tex..
Modal Counterpoint: Renaissance Style

Rich in detail, this study offers a systematic treatment of wide-ranging Renaissance imagery and metaphors andpresents a detailed iconography of certain classical philosophers. Ultimately, the problems of Renaissance humanism are revealed to reflect the co..
The Revival Of Antique Philosophy In The Renaissance

The book will teach the reader to recognise frame style, structure and surface decoration of the period, as well as additions and alterations and later frames in the style.   * First detailed technical analysis of the V&A's most important Renaissance fra..
Italian Renaissance Frames At The V&a

Many of these essays were originally written in Italian and appear here in English for the first time. Bruno (1548-1600) is principally famous as a proponent of heliocentrism, the infinity of the universe, and the plurality of worlds. But his work spanned ..
Essays On Giordano Bruno

Francesco suggests that drawing is linked to the architect’s imagination and central in conveying images and ideas to others. Starting with the broader edges of Francesco’s written work and steadily penetrating into the fantastic world of his drawings,..
Ars Et Ingenium: The Embodiment Of Imagination In Francesco Di Giorgio Martini’s Drawings

The Western Tradition: From the Renaissance to the Present Publisher: Cengage Learning Publish Date: 6/1/1995 Language: ENGLISH Weight: 3.04 ISBN-13: 9780669394436 Dewey: 909/.09821
The Western Tradition: From The Renaissance To The Present

Borders, frames, decorative initials, and other configurations are filled with exquisite images of cherubs, mythical creatures, human figures, floral and foliated designs, interlacings, and more. Adapted from a number of authentic sources.
Renaissance Ornaments And Designs
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