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Our soundtrack album, which will be available both in digital format and on CD, presents 70 minutes of music carefully selected by the composer and reflecting the dramatic Spanish Civil War narrative which has engaged millions of viewers. Solo piano compos..
El Tiempo Entre Costuras: Original Soundtrack

Curlew's mid 80's/early 90's heyday featured their classic line-up of George Cartwright (saxes), Tom Cora (cello) (who also played with Holland's well known art-punk band, The Ex), Davey Williams (guitar), Ann Rupel (bass) and Pippin Barnett (drums). Curle..
A Beautiful Western Saddle / The Hardwood (CD/DVD)

Falling asleep, he dreamed of a "great man" who urged him to awaken from his slumber. Shortly thereafter, he converted to Christianity and wrote a number of works attacking his old faith. Abner tells the story in fantastic detail in the opening to his Hebr..
Conversion And Narrative

Narrative moves. Stories migrate from one culture to another, over vast distances sometimes, but their path is often difficult to trace and obscured by time. Fabulous Orients looks at the traffic of narrative between Orient and Occident in the eighteenth c..
Oxford University Press, USA

In this definitive guide, Jean Clandinin and Michael Connelly draw from more than twenty years of field experience to show how narrative inquiry can be used in educational and social science research. Tracing the origins of narrative inquiry in the social ..
Narrative Inquiry

Contributors draw from a rich bodyof auto-biographical research to examine the role of narrative and how it can be constructed to compose a life story, considering the roles of significant others, inspirational, educational and fictional characters, and th..
Constructing Narratives Of Continuity And Change Routledge Research In Education

Narratives of Second Language Identity in Study Abroad brings together three important research areas by exploring the impact of study abroad on second language identities through narrative research. It outlines a new model of second language identity that..
Second Language Identity In Narratives Of Study Abroad

In narrative inquiry, the transparency of interactions between researcher and research participants, together with rich, contextualdescriptions, help to shape and structure research texts rendering them engaging and readable. Contextualising Narrative Inqu..
Contextualising Narrative Inquiry

Although many native sources, often in translations with scholarly annotations. became available in the twentieth century, the corpus of this material was scattered and uncoordinated. Burr Cartwright Brundage has utilized these sources to produce a consecu..
A Rain Of Darts

The form's simple and flexible shape - prospect, fulfillment, interpretive retrospect - derives from Augustine's Christian exegetical practice. Because its meaning resides in retrospective and open interpretation of a climactic center, the form emerges as ..
Consolation In Medieval Narrative New Middle Ages


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