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Israel's War History Israeli conflict to British occupation History brings together breadth of Israeli history. A detailed account of the battles that have shaped Israeli history and society, tracing the Arab-Israeli conflict to British occupation of P..
Israel's War History

Which troops are thrown to the first lines of battle and which ones remain relatively intact? How can various categories of civilian populations be protected? And when front and rear are porous, whose life should receive priority, those of soldiers or thos..
Israel’s Death Hierarchy

In doing so, he offers a new perspective about the reality of the Middle East and all the clichés that have transformed the Hebrew-Arab lexicon into a complex and hopeless minefield. It raises the question of whether the ongoing violent conflict between I..
The Abyss

I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor's Journey on the Road to Peace and Human Dignity

Presents a passionate look at what Israel''s accusers and detractors are saying about this war-torn country.Dershowitz accuses those who attack Israel of international bigotry and backs up his argument with hard facts.Widely respected as a civil ..
The Case For Israel

Contrary to popular myth, it demonstrates that US support for Israel is not based on the pro-Israel lobby, but rather is deeply rooted in American political culture. That support has increased since 9/11. However, the bulk of this increase has been among R..
The Arab-israeli Conflict In American Political Culture

With the Middle East in turmoil Israel's pre-eminent Ally is thrust into an impending war - America is now the target as the battle for Jerusalem begins. Based on the best-selling book by Dr John Hagee Jerusalem Countdown highlights the reality of an ine..
Jerusalem Countdown

Lisa teams up with her ex-boyfriend Gregory Manzur, racing to find the rest of the codex ahead of Christian fanatics who will kill to prevent the codex''s publication. Told from multiple points of view, this mystery/suspense story is set in Israe..
The Dead Sea Codex


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