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MacDonald, Macdonald, and McDonald are forms of the and Irish Gaelic name MacDhòmhnaill, which in modern Gaelic is approximated as . It is a where Mac means "son" and Dhòmhnaill means "of Dòmhnall". The personal name Dòmhnall is composed of the elements domno "world" and val "might", "rule". According to , the Gaelic personal name is probably a borrowing from the Dyfnwal.
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In 1969 future sexploitation specialist Yasuharu Hasebe (Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter) teamed up with the inimitable Jô Shishido (Tokyo Drifter Branded to Kill) for a follow up to their yakuza hit Massacre Gun. A tale of gang warfare that feature..
Retaliation - Includes DVD

Genre icon Jô Shishido stars in this tense and violent yakuza yarn from genre stalwart and Seijun Suzuki’s former assistant Yasuharu Hasebe (Female Prisoner Scorpion: #701’s Grudge Song). Shishido stars as Kuroda a mob hitm..
Massacre Gun - Limited Edition

He explores vodka''s traditional homelands and leading distilleries, explaining the differences between vodkas distilled using barley, wheat, corn, rye, and potatoes. From classic Polish and Russian vodkas such as Wyborowa and Stolichnaya to flav..
Vodka: Discovering, Exploring, Enjoying

He faces another when an early morning phone call summons him to his dying sister''s bedside. Jenny has a last request, one that takes her brother back to the small Virginia town where they grew up. However, he does not know that while the journe..
Mulberry Street

She’s sworn off men in favor of making her interior design business a success when her best friend introduces her to LA Heat’s hot new star, Ian O’Connor. He’s one of Hollywood’s beautiful people, with an Irish accent that makes Sophie’s toes c..
Heart Of Design

But on the inside, you''ll feel your brain throbbing as it swells to accommodate some hilarious, absurd and radical new strategies on how to live in our ridiculous world. - Washington Post Svenonius'' new book is Censorship Now!!,..
Censorship Now!!

Cold Sacrifice Detective Ian Peterson Mystery LRG Binding: Library Publisher: Center Point Pub Publish Date: 2014/07/01 Synopsis: "When three dead bodies are discovered in Detective Ian Peterson's hometown of Kent, Ian takes the lead on a complex murder ca..
Cold Sacrifice Detective Ian Peterson Mystery Lrg

The car wheels screamed with skidding. Suddenly the front bumper thudded into something large and brown directly in front of the car. Ian cringed. The impact jarred him and his bones felt shaken from their sockets as the good of the Volkswagen crumpled tow..
Amish Adventure

The Thomas Ian Nicholas Handbook - Everything you need to know about Thomas Ian Nicholas
The Thomas Ian Nicholas Handbook - Everything You Need To Know About Thomas Ian Nicholas

However, America’s car-orientated and car-dependent lifestyle goes beyond the culture of fast cars and freeways. In Addicted to Oil, Ian Rutledge explores the political, economic and social ramifications of the motorisation of the US economy. He argues t..
Addicted To Oil


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