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859710133399 How many times has one heard an inner voice asking "Have I done all that I have been put here to do?" It is a question everyone faces at some point in life's journey. The real question is how many dare to challenge the question and continue t..

JARS OF CLAY MUSIC Touted by some as Christian music's answer to The Rembrandts, this Nashville four-piece delivers artful, acoustic-based rock. Shipped in to produce two tracks, Adrian Belew captures the band's sweet intensity and clean melodies on "Flo..
Jars of Clay

1. Onemosphere 2. Bass and the Movement 3. Give Me 4. F*@K You Lucy 5. Hair 6. Godlovesugly 7. Song About a Friend 8. flesh 9. Saves the Day 10. Lovelife 11. Breathing 12. Vampires 13. Girl Named Hope 14. Godlovesugly Reprise 15. Modern Man's Hustle 16. On..
Atmosphere (Rap) - God Loves Ugly

Getting started and staying on the right path in your spiritual journey isn't always easy. It requires hard work and perseverance to develop an intimate relationship with God.Michael Fonseca, an experienced spiritual director and retreat leader, knows well..
Living in God's Embrace

Glaspey is a Christian booklover whos well read in Christian literature and considers this book one of the top ten that every Christian ought to read. The value of Brother Lawrences book is seen in the fact that it is one of the favorites of some of the ot..
The Practice Of The Presence Of God The Best Rule Of A Holy Life - The Original Classic Edition

Flowers bloom and lightning strikes as God looks down on the frailty and beauty of humanity. See the world from a new view. Listen to the poetry and paradox. ''I am the God of light and wonder, but I am the God of night and thunder. I am not a s..
God: An Autobiography:flowers And Lightning From Above

Each monotheistic religion has its characteristic ways of domesticating True Divinity, of taming God's demands so that they do not radically threaten our self-love and false righteousness. Turning the monotheistic critique of idolatry on the monotheisms th..
Saving God

And even the littlest tykes love their kittens and will adore these sweet pictures of all different types and colors of kittens and the cute text that accompanies. Fun rhyming text about all the things we love about kittens-from soft ears to playful little..
Thank You God For Kittens

Holder Reads: God created everything Butterflies and birds that sing The sun and stars and sky of blue But best of all Created you! Features Jungle Animals Dimensions 6.5"H X 5.5"W X 2.25"D Materials RESIN/STONE MIX Great gift idea! Holder Reads: ..
God Created Everything Nite Lite

The tune is as familiar as your own mirrored reflection. But sometimes we have difficulty believe that the creator and sustainer of the universe could be bothered with people like you and me -- much less really love us. But when God put on flesh and entere..
God Of The Towel: Knowing The Tender Heart Of God

M. Bounds offered perhaps a more profound understanding of prayer than any other contemporary Christian thinker. His classic books on the personal communication with God explore how prayer must come from the whole being and strengthens faith in Christian l..
The Weapon Of Prayer


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