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Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar

A diacritic – also diacritical mark, diacritical point, diacritical sign from ancient Greek διά ( dia, through) and κρίνω ( krinein, to separate) – is a glyph added to a letter, or basic glyph. The term derives from the Greek διακριτικός ( diakritikós, "distinguishing"). Diacritic is primarily an adjective, though sometimes used as a noun, whereas diacritical is only ever an adjective. Some diacritical marks, such as the acute ( ´ ) and grave ( `&thins..
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Binding: Paperback Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca Publish Date: 2015/09/01 Synopsis: Ex-military operative Dan Currington arrives in Peru to capture the rogue CIA agent selling government secrets to the highest bidder and finds the stakes raised even hi..
Too Hard To Handle Black Knights Inc.

It is part of Mundy''s series featuring James Schuyler Grimm, better known as Jimgrim, a British agent. In this volume, he resigns from the British military service to take a job (along with his friends Jeff Ramsden, Narayan Singh, and Jeremy Ros..
Jimgrim And A Secret Society

He is also dead broke. His vast knowledge and magical skills are unfortunately matched by his talent for making powerful enemies and alienating friends. With little more than his integrity left, he accepts an offer of work from Lt. Karrin Murphy of Chicag..
Fool Moon

Naval base, Joe DeMarco, a troubleshooter for the Speaker of the House, and his friend Emma, a retired DIA agent, discover that a dangerous espionage ring has infiltrated the base. Language: ENGLISH Pages: 521 Dimensions: 7.00 x 4.25 x 1.50 Weight: 0.68
The Second Perimeter Joe Demarco

A first novel. Language: ENGLISH Pages: 370 Dimensions: 7.50 x 4.25 x 1.00 Weight: 0.55

In doing so, he offers a new perspective about the reality of the Middle East and all the clichés that have transformed the Hebrew-Arab lexicon into a complex and hopeless minefield. It raises the question of whether the ongoing violent conflict between I..
The Abyss

Kurze Und Fassliche Anweisung Zur Englischen Sprache, ... Und Eine Kurzgefasste Englische Grammatik, Nebst Einem Anhange ... An Account Of Births, Characters &c. Of The Monarchs Of England, Und Moral Verses On Different Subjects Enthalten Sind
Kurze Und Fassliche Anweisung Zur Englischen Sprache, ... Und Eine Kurzgefasste Englische Grammatik, Nebst Einem Anhange ... An Account Of Births, Characters &c

5Star features a high-performance microphone and a speaker that delivers clear sound. It also includes our award-winning Livenurse Service, so you can speak to a live, registered nurse 24/7 at no additional charge. With Jitterburg 5Star urgent response pho..
Jitterbug 5star Jitterbug 5star Cell Phone

The case has a clear cover that offers extended safety and protection. The case is made of lightweight, durable nylon material and has built-in belt clip. SPOT2 PFD Case Features: Protective Case, Holds & Keeps Spot 2 Satellite Messenger Afloat, Offers Ext..
Spot Gps Spot2 Pfd Case Spot2 Pfd Case

Boasting an ergonomic curved design that fits comfortably in your hand, it is a pleasure to use. This trimmer is equipped with 5 length adjustments, so it can accommodate a wide variety of beard, goatee and sideburn styles. These adjustments also come via ..
Panasonic Er2403k Beard / Moustache Trimmer

It has a low-profile, retractable, thru-hull sensor that allow us to calculate and compute depth as well as temperature accurately. Its hull performance is not affected by low profile and provides with and accurate readings even at a high speed. The 010-11..
Garmin 010-11105-01 Airmar Smart Sensor 12 Degree Tilted Nmea 2000

A composite housing, peep-sight and sighting hole makes the Cadet useful for learning several compass navigation skills. The rotating bezel features both 0-360° and 0-90° azimuth graduations that allows both azimuth and quadrant scales. It features a..
Brunton Cadet Compass Cadet Compass

This tripod features slow motion cables on both axis for easy movements in all directions. The aluminum tripod also includes a spreader bar with eyepiece tray and rubber stabilizing feet. The metal accessory tray helps to lock the tripod legs, while holdin..
Celestron 93607 Tripod

It fits tightly onto feeder barrel and yet amazingly easy to remove. The MFH-QL55's special indentation on cap accommodates Moultrie's solar panel. It is compatible with Moultrie 55-gallon metal barrels only. MFH-QL55 Features: Product # MFH-QL55, 55 Gallo..
Moultrie Mfh-ql55 55-gallon Quick Lid

Heavy duty aluminum extruded legs with toe release mechanism offers a wide stance for maximum stability. Screen height is adjustable to accommodate any ceiling height with self locking extension tube and high low case adjustment.
Da-lite Picture King 86021 106-inch Projection Screen With Tripod - 16:9 - Matte White

Interactive game piece for Disney Infinity Starter Pack Place your INFINITY figures onto the base to transport yourself to the worlds of your favorite Disney movies (base not included) Works with all Disney Infinity game platforms Must have a Disney Inf..
Disney INFINITY Agent P

Lose yourself in David Lynch and Mark Frost's murder mystery-soap opera which unfolds in one character's words like a beautiful dream and terrible nightmare all at once. Season 1Twin Peaks devotees who have kept the mystery alive on myriad Web sites ..
Twin Peaks: Definitive Gold Box Edition

Maxwell Smart Is Back and Loving It. And so is Agent 99 The Chief Fang and the rest of the fearless Get Smart gang. Here is the legendary Emmy Award-winning spy-spoof series inspired by the comic genius of Mel Brooks and Buck Henry digitally restored r..
Get Smart - Series 1

Academy Award-winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen direct John Malkovich Tilda Swinton Brad Pitt Frances McDormand and George Clooney in this twisted and hilarious black comedy. When a former CIA agent loses the manuscript to his novel at the gym two..
Burn After Reading

The year is 2036. The Observers have become ruthless rulers, limiting free will and speech, and are slowly poisoning Earth's atmosphere so that only their own kind can survive. All is not lost, however. A series of videotapes, preserved in amber, hold d..
Fringe - Season 5

An animated spin-off from the blockbuster film that starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The series follows the continuing adventures of agents Jay and Kay and their new colleagues Zed and Elle. The stories here are 'The Goodbye Syndrome' 'The Buzzar..
Men In Black - Volume 1

Jackson, Lorraine Bracco, Paul Sorvino, Frank Sivero, Tony Darrow, Mike Starr, Frank Vincent Synopsis: The gangster film for modern day is based on the true story of Henry Hill, played by Liotta, who dreamed as a kid of becoming a member of the glamorous m..

Wyatt EarpIn a complex portrayal Kevin Costner plays the lawman who became a myth in an epic action-filled saga directed and co-written by Lawrence Kasdan. Gene Hackman as Wyatt's iron-willed father and Dennis Quaid as Earp's deadly best friend Doc Hol..
Wyatt Earp / Assination of Jesse James


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