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In , especially in , a A is a subset of a set B, or equivalently B is a superset of A, if A is "contained" inside B, that is, all elements of A are also elements of B. A and B may coincide. The relationship of one set being a subset of another is called inclusion or sometimes containment.

Septimius Severus (; Lucius Septimius Severus Augustus;In Classical Latin, Severus' name would be inscribed as LVCIVS SEPTIMIVS SEVERVS AVGVSTVS. 11 April 145 – 4 February 211), also known as Severus, was Roman emperor from 193 to 211. Severus was born in Leptis Magna in the Roman province of Africa. As a young man he advanced through the cursus honorum—the customary succession of offices—under the reigns of Marcus Aurelius and Commodus. Severus seized power after the death of Emperor Pertinax in 19..

The Shvetsov ASh-82 (M-82) is a Soviet 14-cylinder, two-row, air-cooled developed from the Shvetsov M-62. The M-62 was the result of development of the M-25, which was a licensed version of the Wright R-1820 Cyclone.

Picea koraiensis, with common name Korean spruce, (2017). 9788997450985, Korea National Arboretum. . is a species of . It is called Jel koreiskaya in and Hongpi yunshan in .

Conway Recording Studios is a in Hollywood, , , .

Julius AlexanderBirley, Septimius Severus: The African Emperor, p.223 also known as Julius Alexander of EmesaPrado, The Emperor Elagabalus: Fact or Fiction?, p.216 was prince from the Royal family of EmesaBirley, Septimius Severus: The African Emperor, p.223 who lived in the 2nd century.

A contact breaker (or "points") is a type of electrical , and the term typically refers to the switching device found in the of the of spark-ignition internal combustion engines.

Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev (महेन्द्र वीर विक्रम शाह) (11 June 1920 – 31 January 1972) was King of Nepal from 1955 to 1972.Mahendra was born 11 June 1920 to King Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah of Nepal. Although Tribhuvan was nominally king since 1911. Mahendra was captive in Narayanhity Royal Palace, virtually a gilded cage. In 1940 he married Indra Rajya Laxmi Devi, daughter of General Hari Shamsher Rana. They had three sons, Birendra, Gyanendra, Dhirendra and thre..

Conceptacles are specialised cavities of marine and freshwater algae that contain the reproductive organs. They are situated in the receptacle and open by a small ostiole.Boney, A.D. (1969). A Biology of Marine Algae. Hutchinson Educational Ltd, London Conceptacles are present in Coralline algae,Irvine, L.M. and Chamberlain, Y.M. (1994). Seaweeds of the British Isles. Volume 1, Part 2B. Natural History Museum, London. ISBN 0-11-310016-7 and Hildenbrandiales, as well as the brown alga Fucales. In the Fuca..


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