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Rev. William Vesey (October 10, 1674 – July 11, 1746) was the first rector of Trinity Church in Manhattan.Vesey was born in Braintree, MA, in 1674, the son of William and Mary Vesey. The Vesey family had for a long time been established in Braintree. His father was a member of the state legislature, 1702, and one of the organizers of Christ church in 1704, giving land for the site of an edifice in 1725. He was graduated from Harvard College, A.B., 1693; served as a lay reader at Sag Harbor, New York,..

An electric motor is an that converts into . The reverse of this is the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy and is done by an .

Magnitude may refer to: In mathematics: Magnitude (mathematics), the relative size of an object Norm (mathematics), a term for the size or length of a vector

Theodemir or Theodemar (Teodemiro, Theodemirus; died 570) was one of the last Suevic kings of Galicia and one of the first Chalcedonian Christians. He succeeded sometime between the end of May 561 and the year 566 and ruled until his death.

In legislative procedure, a rider is an additional provision added to a bill or other measure under the consideration by a legislature, having little connection with the subject matter of the bill. Merriam-Webster Dictionary Riders are usually created as a tactic to pass a controversial provision that would not pass as its own bill. Occasionally, a controversial provision is attached to a bill not to be passed itself but to prevent the bill from being passed (in which case it is called a wrecking amendment..

The Type 052B or Guangzhou class destroyer (NATO reporting name: Luyang I class) is a class of multirole missile built by the People's Republic of China. Two ships have been built, with Guangzhou (168) and Wuhan (169) both being commissioned into the People's Liberation Army Navy Surface Force in July 2004. This class features a stealthy hull and significantly improved air defence systems, an area that had been a major weakness on previous ships designed by China. These ships represent a major imp..

The word " brick", when used in reference to consumer electronics, describes an electronic device such as a , , router, or that, due to a serious misconfiguration, corrupted , or a hardware problem, can no longer function, hence, is as technologically useful as a .

Medarex (former NASDAQ symbol: MEDX ) was an biopharmaceutical company based in Princeton, , with manufacturing facilities in Bloomsbury and Annandale, New Jersey, and research facilities in Milpitas and Sunnyvale, . In 2009, Medarex was purchased by Bristol Myers Squibb.

The rudra veena (also spelled rudra vina, रुद्रवीणा, রুদ্রবীণা), and also called bīn (Hindi: in North India), is a large plucked string instrument used in Hindustani classical music, one of the major types of played in Indian classical music.


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