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Deglobalization or Deglobalisation is the process of diminishing interdependence and integration between certain units around the world, typically nation-states. It is widely used to describe the periods of history when economic and investment between countries decline. It stands in contrast to , in which units become increasingly integrated over time, and generally spans the time between periods of globalization.

The Global Fund for Women is a foundation funding women's initiatives. It was founded in 1987 by New Zealander Anne Firth Murray, and co-founded by and to fund women's initiatives around the world. It is in San Francisco, California. Since 1988, the foundation has awarded over $100 million in grants to over 4,000 organizations supporting women's rights in over 170 countries.

The Global Geoparks Network (GGN) (also known as the Global Network of National Geoparks) is a UNESCO assisted network established in 1998. Managed under the body’s Ecological and Earth Sciences Division, the GGN seeks the promotion and conservation of the planet’s geological heritage, as well as encourages the sustainable research and development by the concerned communities. UNESCO Division of Ecological and Earth Sciences Global Geoparks Network Application Guidelines and Self-Evaluation form for M..

Glencore plc (an for Global Energy Commodity Resources) is an Anglo–Swiss multinational commodity trading and with headquarters in Baar, Switzerland, and a registered office in , . The current company was created through a merger of Glencore with on 2 May 2013. , it ranked tenth in the Fortune Global 500 list of the world's largest companies. It is the world's third-largest .

Tradesperson may refer to: , a skilled manual worker in a particular field. The term is often abbreviated to "tradie" in Australia.

Greater Nagoya Initiative ( GNI) is one of the Japan's local revitalization projects inaugurated by Chubu bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry. The purpose of GNI is to promote the industry and the economy in Greater Nagoya area so as to attract companies, technology, people, and information to foreign companies to invest in the area. The initiative is operated by Greater Nagoya Initiative Center (GNIC). The region's municipalities, business communities, academia, research institutes have joined in the GNI..

Phoenicia ( or ;Oxford English Dictionary from the Φοινίκη, Phoiníkē; فينيقية, Finiqyah) was an ancient Semitic civilization situated on the western, coastal part of the Fertile Crescent and centered on the coastline of modern Lebanon and Tartus Governorate in Syria. All major Phoenician cities were on the coastline of the Mediterranean, some colonies reaching the Western Mediterranean. It was an enterprising maritime trading culture that spread across the Mediterranean from 1550 BC t..

The Pan African Historical Theatre Project now known as PANAFEST is a cultural event held in Ghana every two years for Africans and people of African descent. It was first held in 1992. The idea of this festival is to promote and enhance unity, Pan-Africanism, and the development of the continent of Africa itself. Activities that occur at this festival are performances and work in the areas of theatre, drama, music, and poetry, among other things. Also, there are viewing of the durbar of chiefs, and tours ..

The World Justice Project ( WJP) is an independent, multidisciplinary organization working to advance the rule of law around the world. The rule of law provides the foundation for communities of opportunity and equity – communities that offer sustainable economic development, accountable government, and respect for fundamental rights.


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