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A sandbox is a , a wide, shallow playground construction to hold sand, often made of wood or plastic.

Sandbox or Sand Box may also refer to:

Arts, entertainment, and media
  • Sandbox (band), a Canadian rock music group
  • Sandbox (Michael Houser album), 2006, or the title track
  • Sandbox, a 1987 album by Guided by Voices
  • , an experimental theatre group in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • The Sandbox (play), a 1960 one-act play by Edward Albee
  • The Sandbox (video game), a 2012 game for mobile phones

  • Sandbox (computer security), a virtual container in which untrusted programs can be safely run
  • Sandbox (software development), an online environment in which code or content changes can be tested without affecting the original system
  • Sandbox (video game editor), a game level editor for Far Cry
  • , in Google Internet search rankings
  • , a genre or mode of some video games for open-ended, nonlinear play
  • , a computer- and video-game developer

Other uses
  • Sand box (civil engineering), a device to remove centring
  • Sandbox (locomotive), a container that holds sand for use in improving rail adhesion in slippery conditions
  • Sandbox (missile) or SS-N-12, a Soviet anti-ship missile
  • Sandbox, a container for pounce (calligraphy), used before the invention of blotting paper
  • , a tool used by child psychologists
  • Sandbox tree, the evergreen species of the spurge family (Euphorbiaceae), also known as possumwood and jabillo, native to tropical regions in the Americas

See also
  • , an indoor sandbox, usually filled with kitty litter, in which house pets are trained to relieve themselves
  • , an isolation program

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