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Rolling stock

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The term rolling stock in the industry refers to , including both powered and unpowered vehicles: for example, , freight and passenger cars (or coaches), and non-revenue cars. Passenger vehicles can be un-powered, or self-propelled, or units. A connected series of railway vehicles is a (this term applied to a locomotive is a common ).

In North America, Australia and other countries, the term consist ( ) is used to refer to the rolling stock in a train.

In the United States, the term rolling stock has been expanded from the older broadly defined "trains" to include wheeled vehicles used by businesses on roadways.

The word stock in the term is used in a sense of . Rolling stock is considered to be a , or close to it, since the value of the vehicle can be readily estimated and then shipped to the buyer without much cost or delay.

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The term contrasts with fixed stock (), which is a collective term for the , , , other buildings, electric wires, etc., necessary to operate a railway.

Frisco and the Zephyr.jpg| and diesel Locomotive40-0442-0sncfr.jpg|Electric locomotive DR1A Vilnius.jpg|Diesel multiple unit (DMU) SBB RABe 523 FLIRT der Zuger S-Bahn.jpg|Electric multiple unit (EMU) 840 010 Tanvald 1.jpg| Carrozzaz1.jpg|Passenger car or coach Hopper cars.jpg|, one of many types of revenue freight cars DTTX 724681 20050529 IL Rochelle.jpg|Articulated with intermodal containers Hbills310und311-in-Crailsheim.jpg|European covered goods wagons

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