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Rolling stock

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The term rolling stock in the industry refers to , including both powered and unpowered vehicles, for example , , coaches, private railroad cars and . In the , the definition has been expanded from the older broadly defined "trains" to include wheeled vehicles used by businesses on roadways.

The word "stock" in the term is used in a sense of . Rolling stock is considered to be a , or close to it, since the value of the vehicle can be readily estimated and then shipped to the buyer without much cost or delay.
(2019). 9781447149934, Springer. .
The term contrasts with fixed stock (), which is a collective term for the , , , other buildings, electric wires, etc., necessary to operate a railway.

Frisco and the Zephyr.jpg| and diesel DR1A Vilnius.jpg|DMU rolling stock Hopper cars.jpg|American-style DTTX 724681 20050529 IL Rochelle.jpg|Articulated with intermodal containers

Code names
In , types of rolling stock were given code names, often of animals. For example, "Toad" was used as a code name for the Great Western Railway goods , while wagons used for track maintenance were named after fish, such as "Dogfish" for a . These codes were , somewhat analogous to the of today.

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