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Notability is the property of being worthy of notice, having fame, or being considered to be of a high degree of interest, significance, or distinction. It also refers to the capacity to be such. Persons who are notable due to public responsibility, accomplishments, or, even, mere participation in the industry are said to have a public profile.

Aesthetic theory
The concept arises in the philosophy of regarding aesthetic appraisal. Aesthetic Appraisal, Philosophy (1975), 50: 189–204, Evan Simpson There are criticisms of art galleries determining monetary valuation, or valuation so as to determine what or what not to display, being based on notability of the artist, rather than inherent quality of the art work.

Journalism and marketing
Notability arises in decisions on coverage questions in . Journalism in the age of the information society, technological convergence, and editorial segmentation, Journalism February 2009 vol. 10 no. 1 109–125, Francisco José Castilhos Karam Marketers and newspapers may try to create notability to create , , or , or to increase sales, as in the .

Notables as the privileged class
The privileged class are sometimes called notables, when compared to peasants. Notability and Revolution: Social Origins of the Political Elite in Liberal Spain, 1800 to 1853, Jesus Cruz Urban Notables and Arab nationalism: the politics of Damascus 1860–1920, PS Khoury, 2003

Wikipedia content
Notability of a subject determines which articles will be included or not at Wikipedia.Sharman Lichtenstein, Craig M. Parker, "Wikipedia model for collective intelligence: a review of information quality" International Journal of Knowledge and Learning, Volume 5, Number 3-4 / 2009, pp. 254–272 In his book, The Wikipedia Revolution: How a Bunch of Nobodies Created the World's Greatest Encyclopedia, writes that notability is at the center of the debate as to what the world's greatest encyclopedia should be:

Emily Artinian compares this passage with ' The Library of Babel.Emily Artinian " Wikipedia Definitions of the Artist's Book: a Neutral Point of View?" (), Traditional and Emerging Formats of the Book Conference, University of the West of England, 9 July 2009, p. 5

Persons wanting to delete an article on the grounds of non-notability are called . Those not wanting to delete the article are called .

A team of computer scientists at and Rutgers University has used notability at Wikipedia to create a measure of hierarchy in a directed social networking service.Mangesh Gupte, Pravin Shankar, Jing Li, S. Muthukrishnan, Liviu Iftode, " Finding Hierarchy in Directed Online Social Networks" ACM 978-1-4503-0632-4/11/03.

The number of hits from a search engine has been proposed as a measure of notability; Wikipedia does not recommend the use of Google's results.T Lawrence, N Pelkey, " 'Googleology': powerful tool or unreliable evidence?" Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature, Volume 67, Number 3, September 2010, p. 26,

The number of has been proposed as a measure of notability of a publication or author; the field of study is called citation analysis.Roger Clarke, " A pilot citation analysis of Australian Information Systems Researchers", 2006 (note: this self published website article is cited in Australasian Journal of Information Systems, Volume 15, Number 2, 2009 – "Electronic Commerce publications and the implications for research quality output in Australia")Rens Scheepers, Helana Scheepers, Julie Fisher, " Electronic Commerce publications and research in Australia: Implications of the Research Quality Framework " Australasian Journal of Information Systems, Volume 15, Number 2, 2009,

Notability may be considered to be objective, e.g., inherently as the ; objectively determinable using a conventional definition, which is determined by ,Paula Berinstein, " Wikipedia and Britannica:The Kid's All Right (And So's the Old Man)", Information Today e.g., an online encyclopedia consensus to consider all towns as being notable, no matter how small; or subjective,Sharman Lichtenstein A1 and Craig M. Parker, " Wikipedia model for collective intelligence: a review of information quality", International Journal of Knowledge and Learning, Volume 5, Number 3-4, 2009, pp. 254–272 such as a notably emotional day for an individual.

Notability in arguments
Notability may be falsely conferred with fallacious reasoning.

and argument by authority are examples of attempts to confer notability by associating the name of something notable with something else in an attempt to establish notability of that thing.

Conferring notability is related to transitivity and the . If all A's are notable, and x is an A, then x is notable is true by syllogism, but if A is notable, and x is an element of A, then x is not necessarily notable. If x is more notable than y, and y is more notable than z, then x is more notable than z, but if person x considers A to be notable, and A is a subset of B, then x does not necessarily consider B to be notable; an example of an intentional context in the paradox of the name relation.Dagfinn Føllesdal, Philosophy of Quine (2000) 5 volumes.

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