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This is a list of the world's countries and their dependent territories by area, ranked by total area.

Entries in this list include, but are not limited to, those in the ISO 3166-1 standard, which includes sovereign states and dependent territories. All 193 member states of the United Nations plus the are given a rank number. Largely unrecognised states not in ISO 3166-1 are included in the list in ranked order. The areas of such largely unrecognised states are in most cases also included in the areas of the more widely recognised states that claim the same territory; see the notes in the "notes" column for each country for clarification.

Not included in the list are individual country claims to parts of the continent of , entities such as the that have some degree of sovereignty but do not consider themselves to be sovereign countries or dependent territories.

This list includes three measurements of area:

  • Total area: the sum of land and water areas within international boundaries and coastlines.
  • Land area: the aggregate of all land within international boundaries and coastlines, excluding water area.
  • Water area: the sum of the surface areas of all inland water bodies (lakes, , and rivers) within international boundaries and coastlines. Coastal (some small ) may be included. Territorial seas are not included unless otherwise noted. Contiguous zones and exclusive economic zones are not included.

Data is taken from the United Nations Statistics Division unless otherwise noted.


Countries and dependencies by area
Largest country in the world (10.995% of the world's land mass); its makes it the largest country in , and its of roughly makes it the largest country in .
(98%) of the land area is covered by . Though not itself a country, areas are claimed by a number of countries.
Largest - and largest -speaking country; largest country completely in the Western Hemisphere by total area (second-largest by land area, after the ); with the largest surface area of water. Total area and water area figures include area covered by freshwater only and do not include internal waters (non-freshwater) of about 1,600,000 km2, nor territorial waters of 200,000 km2.

Second-largest country in Asia (though the largest located wholly within the continent), and second-largest country in the world by land area. Excludes , disputed territories with India, and disputed islands in the South China Sea. Figures for total area and water area also exclude all coastal and territorial waters.

Largest English-speaking country and largest in the Western Hemisphere by land area (second-largest by total area, after ). Secondary figures for total area and water area include all coastal and territorial waters.
Largest Portuguese-speaking country, largest country in and mostlyA significant portion of Brazil extends into the Northern Hemisphere, so it is not entirely in the Southern Hemisphere. Also, the U.S. has in the Southern Hemisphere, so Brazil is not the first entry on this list to have territory in the Southern Hemisphere. in the Southern Hemisphere, and the largest contiguous territory in the .
Third-largest -speaking country and largest country in , largest country without land borders, and the largest country completely in the Southern Hemisphere.
Third-largest country in and largest country in .
Largest -speaking country and second-largest country in .
Largest landlocked country.Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan (ASRK). 2005. Main Demographic Indicators. Available at Second-largest -speaking country, after , and the largest country in . Transcontinental country located between and .
Largest country in ; also largest in the and the Mediterranean Basin.
Second-largest -speaking country. Largest country in and Sub-Saharan Africa. Second-largest country in Africa, has the largest -speaking city ().
UN figure does not include the entire area.
Largest in the world. Largest territory in the .
Largest country in . Second-largest in the , after .
Second-largest Spanish-speaking country by area, after .
Largest country in . Largest island country and archipelagic state in the world by area and population.
Third-largest country in and third-largest in the Arab world.
Second-largest landlocked country and largest that does not border a closed sea.
Third-largest -speaking country and third-largest country in .
Largest country in .
Largest country in .
Largest country in .
Transcontinental country located between and .
Transcontinental country located between and .
Figures include metropolitan France (in Europe) as well as the five overseas regions. This does not include (an autonomous sui generis collectivity), the five autonomous overseas collectivities, and the two uninhabited territories (the French Southern and Antarctic Lands and Clipperton Island) which are listed individually, although also part of the French Republic. Third-largest country by European area, and largest within the EU by EU territory.
Second-largest country by European area and largest country wholly in
Metropolitan France (the part of located in Europe)
Largest country in and second-largest member state of .
Largest country in . Third-largest member state of .
Does not include the disputed , shown separately.
Kingdom of Norway, including and , but excluding and the Antarctic territorial claims of Queen Maud Land and Peter I Island.
Largest island country in and the world's 4th largest island country.
Largest country in . Before the 1990 German reunification, was and was .
Mainland , excluding , and the dependent territories.
Disputed territory. Administrative control is limited to approximately one-third of this area, with the remaining area controlled by .
Largest island country in and Western Hemisphere.
Only landlocked country in South East Asia.
Largest landlocked country in .
Smallest country in .
Nepal is the largest country in the . The Government of Nepal gives its area as , which includes an additional 335 square kilometers of disputed territory under Indian administration.
Largest country in .
Largest country in the .
The largest -speaking country.
Largest country in . Transcontinental country located between and .
The figure shown is for the Republic of Ireland; the is .
Transcontinental country located between and .
Includes only, but excludes the autonomous territories in the , shown separately.
Includes the special municipalities, but excludes other countries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, shown separately.
Between 1945 and 1949, the Republic of China included , , Taiwan and other areas, totaling .
Smallest country in the continental .
5.000 km2. Armenian-controlled territories surrounding Nagorno-Karabakh by regions 11,5 km2.

Smallest country in continental .
Second smallest country in continental .
An American territory, it is the third-largest island of the after the Big Island of Hawaii and of . Also the smallest part of .
Excludes claim on Adélie Land in Antarctica.
The smallest country that is not a European microstate or .
European microstate.
Smallest country in .
European microstate. Smallest member state.
Smallest country in .
Smallest country in the and the Western Hemisphere.
There is a salt lake and some wetlands of unknown area.
European microstate.
European microstate.
Smallest Commonwealth realm.
Smallest , smallest and smallest country that is not a
British Overseas Territory
European microstate. Smallest country with a coastline. Smallest member state.
European microstate. Smallest country in the world.

Graphical charts
The charts below are based on the CIA World Factbook as of February 15, 2005.

with areas greater than 100,000 km2 are shown in green. In addition, non-sovereign territories are included for purposes of comparison, and are shown in gray. Areas include inland water bodies (lakes, reservoirs, rivers). Claims to parts of by various countries are not included.

Countries greater than 1.5 million km2

Countries less than 1.5 million km2

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