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Flesh is any aggregation of tissues of an . Various multicellular organisms have soft tissues that may be called "flesh". In , including , flesh encompasses , and other loose connective tissues, but sometimes excluding non-muscular (, , , ) and typically discarded parts (hard , , , etc.). In a context, consumable animal flesh is called , while processed visceral tissues are known as .

In particular animal groups such as , and , the flesh is distinguished from tougher body structures such as , and , respectively. In , the "flesh" is the juicy, edible structures such as the of and as well as soft , and , as opposed to tougher structures like nuts and . In fungi, flesh refers to trama, the soft, inner portion of a , or fruit body.

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A more restrictive usage may be found in some contexts, such as the , where flesh may refer only to visibly exposed human skin, as opposed to parts of the body covered by and . Flesh as a descriptor for colour usually refers to the non- pale or pinkish of humans, however, it can also be used to refer to the colour of any human skin.

In religious circles, the flesh is a associated with carnality.

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