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Block may refer to:

  • Block, Illinois, an unincorporated community
  • Block, Kansas, an unincorporated community
  • Block, Tennessee, an unincorporated community
  • , an island in the state of Rhode Island

People with the name

People with the pseudonym
  • Block (musician), also known as Jamie Block, an anti-folk musician based in the U.S. city of New York

People with the surname
  • (1567–1627), Dutch trader and navigator
  • (born 1989), American ice hockey player
  • Francesca Lia Block (born 1962), American writer
  • Herbert Lawrence Block, commonly known as Herblock, American political cartoonist
  • (1923–1981), American psychologist
  • Julius H. Block (1860-1915), American politician
  • (born 1967), American professional rally driver
  • (1959–2016), American entrepreneur
  • (born 1938), American crime writer
  • Malú Block (1904–1989), born María Luisa Cabrera, Mexican artist
  • , American political strategist
  • (born 1942), American philosopher
  • (born 1995), Israeli kickboxer and Muay Thai fighter
  • Paul Block (newspaper publisher) (1877–1941), American newspaper publisher
  • Stephanie J. Block (born 1972), American actress and singer
  • (born 1941), American economist, author

Arts, entertainment, and media

  • Block programming, the result of a programming strategy in broadcasting
  • W242BX, a radio station licensed to Greenville, South Carolina, United States known as 96.3 the Block
  • , a radio station licensed to Harrisburg, North Carolina, United States, branded as 92.7 The Block

  • Block Entertainment, a record label
  • Blocks Recording Club, a record label
  • , a small piece of slit drum made from one piece of wood and used as a percussion instrument

  • "Blocked", a season 5 episode of The Flash

  • , one of a set of wooden or plastic pieces, of various shapes
  • , a type of standardized wooden toy block for children

Building and construction
  • Block, a large concrete masonry unit, or cement block, for building
  • Compressed earth block, used for building
  • , a high-rise multiunit building

Land subdivisions
  • Block (district subdivision), administrative region in some South Asian countries
  • Block (rural Australia), a small agricultural landholding
  • , the smallest area that is surrounded by streets
  • , a geographically defined area for the purpose of the extraction of natural resources

  • Block (permutation group theory)
  • Block, in modular representation theory
  • Block, in graph theory, is a biconnected component, a maximal biconnected subgraph of a graph
  • of a finite group
  • , a kind of set system in combinatorial mathematics
  • Block of a ring, a centrally primitive idempotent or the ideal it generates

Science and technology

  • Block (blockchain), that is, a segment of an open list of data records
  • Block (data storage), the practice of storing electronic data in equally sized units
  • Block (Internet), technical measures to restrict users' access to certain internet resources
  • Block (programming), a group of declarations and statements treated as a unit
  • Block (telecommunications), a unit of data transmission
  • , a type of distortion in a compressed image
  • Block-level element in the HTML markup language
  • Blocks (C language extension), an extension to the C programming language designed to support parallel programming

  • , a device to preheat an engine to facilitate starting
  • , the main part of an internal combustion engine


Other science and technology
  • Block (meteorology), large-scale patterns in the atmospheric pressure field
  • Block (periodic table), a set of adjacent groups in the periodic table
  • , a type of academic scheduling
  • , a geologic zone or geologic province

  • Block (basketball), when a defensive player legally deflects a shot
  • Blocking (martial arts)
  • , devices used by sprinters to assist in preventing their feet from slipping as they break into a run
  • The Block (basketball), a defensive play in game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals

  • , a system to differentiate between groups of aircraft of the same type with minor variants
  • Railway signalling blocks, a way of controlling train movement
  • Signalling block system, a way of controlling train movement

Other uses
  • Block (sailing), a single or multiple pulley used on sailboats
  • , or block shaper, a wooden block carved into the shape of a hat by a craftsman
  • Postage stamp block, an attached group of postage stamps

See also

  • Bloc (disambiguation)
  • Blockade (disambiguation)
  • Blockbuster (disambiguation)
  • Blockers (film)
  • Blocking (disambiguation)
  • ]
  • Non-blocking (disambiguation)
  • (or Communist Block or Eastern Bloc or Socialist Block) was the group of Communist states of Central and Eastern Europe, East Asia, and Southeast Asia under the hegemony of the Soviet Union (USSR) during the Cold War (1947–1991), in opposition to the non-Communist Western Bloc
  • , during the Cold War refers to capitalist countries under the hegemony of the United States and NATO against the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact

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