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Block may refer to:

Land subdivisions
  • Block (district subdivision), administrative region in some South Asian countries
  • Block (rural Australia), a small agricultural landholding
  • , the smallest area that is surrounded by streets
  • , a geographically defined area for the purpose of the extraction of natural resources

Physical objects
  • Block (sailing), a single or multiple pulley used on sailboats
  • Block, a large concrete masonry unit, or cement block, for building
  • , a device to preheat an engine to facilitate starting
  • Compressed earth block, also for building
  • , the main part of an internal combustion engine
  • , or block shaper, a wooden block carved into the shape of a hat by a craftsman
  • Postage stamp block, an attached group of postage stamps
  • , one of a set of wooden or plastic pieces, of various shapes
  • , a type of standardized wooden toy block for children
  • , a small piece of slit drum made from a single piece of wood and used as a percussion instrument
  • , a high-rise multiunit building

Arts, entertainment, and media

  • Block programming, the result of a programming strategy in broadcasting
  • W242BX, a radio station licensed to Greenville, South Carolina, United States known as 96.3 the Block
  • , a radio station licensed to Harrisburg, North Carolina, United States, branded as 92.7 The Block

  • Block Entertainment, a record label
  • Blocks Recording Club, a record label
  • , a small piece of slit drum made from one piece of wood and used as a percussion instrument

  • Block (permutation group theory)
  • Block (graph theory), or biconnected component, a maximal biconnected subgraph of a graph
  • Block, in modular representation theory
  • of a finite group
  • , a kind of set system in combinatorial mathematics
  • Block of a ring, a centrally primitive idempotent or the ideal it generates

People with the name

People with the pseudonym
  • Block (musician), also known as Jamie Block, an anti-folk musician based in the U.S. city of New York

People with the surname
  • (1567–1627), Dutch trader and navigator
  • (born 1989), American ice hockey player
  • Francesca Lia Block (born 1962), American writer
  • Herbert Lawrence Block, commonly known as Herblock, American political cartoonist
  • (1923–1981), American psychologist
  • Julius H. Block (1860-1915), American politician
  • (born 1967), American professional rally driver
  • (1959–2016), American entrepreneur
  • (born 1938), American crime writer
  • Malú Block (1904–1989), born María Luisa Cabrera, Mexican artist
  • , American political strategist
  • (born 1942), American philosopher
  • (born 1995), Israeli kickboxer and Muay Thai fighter
  • Paul Block (newspaper publisher) (1877–1941), American newspaper publisher
  • Stephanie J. Block (born 1972), American actress and singer
  • (born 1941), American economist, author

Places in the United States
  • Block, Illinois, an unincorporated community
  • Block, Kansas, an unincorporated community
  • Block, Tennessee, an unincorporated community
  • , an island in the state of Rhode Island

Science and technology

  • Block (blockchain), that is, a segment of an open list of data records
  • , a type of distortion in a compressed image
  • Block (data storage), the practice of storing electronic data in equally sized units
  • Block (Internet), technical measures to restrict users' access to certain internet resources
  • Block (programming), a group of declarations and statements treated as a unit
  • Block (telecommunications), a unit of data transmission
  • Block-level element in the HTML markup language
  • Blocks (C language extension), an extension to the C programming language designed to support parallel programming


Other science and technology
  • Block (meteorology), large-scale patterns in the atmospheric pressure field
  • Block (periodic table), a set of adjacent groups in the periodic table
  • , a type of academic scheduling
  • , a geologic zone or geologic province

  • Block (basketball), when a defensive player legally deflects a shot
  • Blocking (martial arts)
  • , devices used by sprinters to assist in preventing their feet from slipping as they break into a run
  • The Block (basketball), a defensive play in game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals

  • , a system to differentiate between groups of aircraft of the same type with minor variants
  • Railway signalling blocks, a way of controlling train movement
  • Signalling block system, a way of controlling train movement

Other uses

See also
  • Bloc (disambiguation)
  • Blockade (disambiguation)
  • Blockbuster (disambiguation)
  • Blocking (disambiguation)
  • Non-blocking (disambiguation)

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