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Basin may refer to:

Geography and geology
  • Depression (geology)
    • , a submarine feature associated with island arcs and subduction zones
    • , designed to prevent damage from debris flow
    • (hydrology), a topographic region in which all water drains to a common area
    • , a closed topographic low area with no drainage outlet
    • , a large impact crater
    • , stormwater runoff to prevent flooding and downstream erosion which includes a permanent pool of water
    • , a man-made basin used to temporarily store surplus water from rivers.
    • Sedimentary basin (sedimentology), a low and usually sinking region that is filled with sediments from adjacent higher areas
    • , rock strata formed by tectonic warping of previously flat-lying strata
    • Tidal basin, an area that fills with water at
  • Tropical cyclone basins, oceans or areas of oceans used for classifying tropical cyclones

  • , a round container
    • , a bowl in which raw pudding dough or batter is placed for cooking
  • , a kidney-shaped bowl used in hospitals etc. for vomit
  • , a plumbing fixture
  • Toilet basin, an alternate name for the bowl (pan) of a
  • , a sink or bowl to contain water for cleaning hands and other minor washing
    • Basin stand or , an obsolete piece of furniture to hold a wash basin, jug, towel, etc.

Place names

  • , New Zealand, a cricket ground in Wellington
  • The Basin (Rottnest Island), Western Australia
  • The Basin, New South Wales, Australia, a locality in northern Sydney
  • The Basin, Victoria, Australia, a suburb in Melbourne

United States
  • Basin, Alabama
  • Basin, California, an unincorporated community now named Huntington Lake, California
  • Basin Mountain (California)
  • Basin, Mississippi
  • Basin, Montana
  • Basin, Wyoming, seat of Big Horn County
  • Basin Mountain (New York), a summit of the Adirondack Park
  • , New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Mill Basin, Brooklyn, in New York
  • The Basin, a river pothole in Franconia Notch State Park

  • Basin (Martian crater)
  • Basin, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
  • Bašin, Serbia
  • Amazon Basin (sedimentary basin)

Other uses
  • "Basin" (chanson de geste), a poem about Charlemagne's childhood
  • Basin, the area of a which can be flooded and drained
  • Basin of attraction, in mathematics, an area of a nonlinear system with an attractor
  • , a docking section of canal wide enough to allow for uninterrupted canal traffic
  • Basin (horse), American Thoroughbred racehorse
  • (1412–1491), French bishop of Lisieux and historian
  • Water resource basin, a subdivision of the U.S. hydrologic unit system

See also
  • Basan (disambiguation)
  • Basen (disambiguation)
  • Bassin (disambiguation)

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