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Asynchrony is the state of not being in .

Asynchrony or asynchronous may refer to:

Electronics and computing
  • Asynchrony (computer programming), the occurrence of events independent of the main program flow, and ways to deal with such events
    • Async/await
  • Asynchronous system, a system having no global clock, instead operating under distributed control
    • Asynchronous circuit, a sequential digital logic circuit not governed by a clock circuit or signal
    • Asynchronous communication, transmission of data without the use of an external clock signal
  • Asynchronous cellular automaton, a mathematical model of discrete cells which update their state independently
  • Asynchronous operation, a sequence of operations executed out of time coincidence with any event

Other uses
  • Asynchrony (game theory), when players in games update their strategies at different time intervals
  • Asynchronous learning, an educational method in which the teacher and student are separated in time
  • Asynchronous motor, a type of electric motor
  • Asynchronous multiplayer, a form of multiplayer gameplay in video games
  • Asynchronous muscles, muscles in which there is no one-to-one relationship between stimulation and contraction
  • Collaborative editing or asynchronous editing, the practice of groups producing works together through individual contributions

See also
  • async (album), 2017 album by Japanese musician and composer Ryuichi Sakamoto

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