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Analog or analogue may refer to:

  • Analogue (literature), a literary work that shares motifs, characters or events with another, but is not directly derived from it
  • Analog, a thing from which an is drawn

In arts and entertainment

  • Analog Science Fiction and Fact, a science-fiction magazine
  • , a magazine about Atari computers

In music
  • Analog (album), an album by Eureka Farm
  • Analogue (album), a 2005 album by a-ha
  • "Analog" (song), a song by Tyler, The Creator, featuring Hodgy Beats, from Goblin
  • , a Polish street-punk band
  • , a Dutch tribute band to The Beatles

Other uses in arts and entertainment
  • Analogue (theatre company), a British theatre company
  • Analog (TV series), a Canadian television series (1971–1972)
  • , a visual novel by Christine Love

In science and technology

In biology
  • Analog, referring to Analogy (biology), a similar trait, organ, or molecular sequence that appears in two unrelated organisms, as opposed to homolog

In chemistry
  • Functional analog (chemistry), a compound with similar properties
    • An analogue drug that is declared by US Federal Analogue Act to be similar to a controlled drug
  • Structural analog, a compound with an altered chemical structure
  • , a compound that resembles the substrate in an enzymatic reaction
  • Transition state analog, a compound that resembles the transition state of a substrate in an enzymatic reaction

In electronics and computing
  • Analog (program), a computer program that analyzes log files from web servers
  • , in which information is encoded in a non-quantized variable
    • Analogue electronics, circuits which use analog signals
    • , an apparatus that operates on analog signals
    • , audio or video information recorded as an analog signal
  • , a semiconductor company
  • Functional analog (electronic), a system that fulfills the same function as another
  • Structural analog (electronic), a system that has the same structure as another

Other uses
  • Analogical models, a more understandable or analysable system that is used as a model for another system
  • , any of several types of non-dairy cheese imitations or substitutes
  • , any of several types of non-meat meat imitations or substitutes

See also
  • Analogy (disambiguation)

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