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Short Payment Descriptor (SPAYD, SPD) is a compact data format for an easy exchange of a payment information using modern electronic channels, such as smart phones or NFC devices. Practically, the format is being deployed in the (where the format is an accepted unique standard for QR code payments) and , but format can be technically used with any bank using account numbers. That includes currently most of European countries, some in the Middle East and few other ones.

The format was started in May 2012 during the development of the mobile banking for ( branch of ) in cooperation with a technology company . Originally, the format should have been used for a P2P Payments via the . Later, it was generalized for many other usages, such as NFC payments or online payments.

Format was started as an opened effort from the very beginning and all specification, documentation, source codes, libraries and APIs were under the license. Therefore, Short Payment Descriptor can be implemented by any subject without any legal concerns or fees. Due to this approach, the format was quickly recognized and accepted by many Czech invoice software companies and adopted by Czech banks. Československá obchodní banka (together with Zentity s.r.o.) was very active during the format development and it proposed the brand name for the communication to the users.

On November 14, 2012, the format was accepted by the Czech Banking Association and submitted to all Czech banks as the official local standard for QR code payments.

Format information
Short Payment Descriptor uses the ideas from the (by the structure) and SEPA payment (semantics). It is designed to be compact, human readable and therefore, easy to implement. The format is based on defined key-value pairs and it can be extended by proprietary attributes (using the "X-" prefix). The string may contain any ASCII printable characters, any other characters must be encoded using the .

Example of SPAYD payload
SPD*1.0*ACC:CZ5855000000001265098001*AM:480.50*CC:CZK*MSG:Payment for the goods

Default SPAYD keys
The default keys that are used in the SPAYD format are:


... or ...


CRC32 checksum (application level) computed from canonic representation.

Canonic representation is obtained by removing CRC32 field from SPAYD representation, reconstructing SPAYD string while sorting key-pair attributes by key and values (alphabetically), applying CRC32 (IEEE 802.3) and converting to hexadecimal uppercase string.


Original SPAYD string: [^*]{0,35} Canonic SPAYD string: RN:PETR DVORAK*


Integration with applications
The file type extension is:


type of the format is:


Examples of format usage
  • with payment information (to be printed on invoices or displayed on the web) that can be scanned using either the mobile phone or a special automated teller machine (ATM)
  • sending the payment information using the NFC technology
  • sharing the payment information via the web or e-mail (via a downloadable file or and e-mail attachment)

See also
  • EPC QR code

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