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Si, SI or si may refer to:

Arts and media
  • Si (film), original title of the 2010 South Korean film Poetry
  • Si, a self-replicating artifact in the computer game Ancient Domains of Mystery

  • Si (musical note), the seventh note in the traditional fixed do solfège
  • (operetta), an operetta by the Italian composer Pietro Mascagni
  • "Sì" (song), the name of the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 1974
  • "Sí" (Martin Jensen song), a 2015 song
  • "Sì", a 1985 song released by Italian actress
  • (album), a Spanish album by Mexican singer and songwriter Julieta Venegas
  • , a 2013 Spanish album by Malú
  • (Andrea Bocelli album), released in 2018

  • Si (novel), a 2014 novel by Bob Ong
  • (Peruvian magazine), a magazine notable for its anti-corruption reporting
  • The Scots Independent, a Scottish nationalist newspaper
  • Sports Illustrated, an American sports magazine

  • SÍ Sørvágur, a Faroese sports association
  • , a fraternity/sorority based in the Philippines
  • , the national Scouting association of Ireland
  • Societas Iesu, the Jesuits, a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Sports Interactive, a British computer games development company
  • (IATA airline code SI)
  • Spokane International Railroad (reporting mark SI), a former railway in Washington, US

  • St. Ignatius College Preparatory, a Jesuit high school in San Francisco, California, US
  • Seletar Institute, a defunct centralised institute in Singapore
  • , a private college in the Philippines
  • Smithsonian Institution, an American educational and research institute

  • Smithsonian Institution, a U.S. government educational and research institute
  • Survey of India, an Indian government agency responsible for managing geographical information about India
  • Swedish Institute ( Svenska institutet), a Swedish government agency which promotes Sweden abroad
  • Si, a South Korean administrative unit

  • , a former name of the American defense contractor Vencore
  • Swiss Informatics Society, a Swiss organization of computer science educators, researchers, and professionals
  • , a computer chip vendor

  • Catalan Solidarity for Independence, a pro-independence Catalan political party
  • Situationist International, a left-wing organisation
  • Socialist International, a worldwide organization of democratic socialist and labour political parties
  • Solidarity and Equality, an Argentine political party
  • Survival International, a non-governmental indigenous rights organization

  • , a mountain in the U.S. state of Washington
  • , county in Anhui, China
  • , a river in China
  • Province of Siena (two letter provincial designator), an Italian province
  • (ISO 3166-2), a country
  • , a Pacific island nation
  • Southern Ireland (1921–22), a former name for the Republic of Ireland
  • , a borough of New York City and an island in the Hudson River

Science and technology
  • International System of Units ( Système international d'unités), the modern international standard version of the metric system
  • (Si), a chemical element
  • , electronic circuit tools and techniques that ensure electrical signals are of sufficient quality
  • Si(x)
  • si, a chemical descriptor; See
  • , in sound recording

Biology and medicine
  • , an anatomical abbreviation for the sacroiliac (joint)
  • , intentional, direct injuring
  • Sexual intercourse, a medical abbreviation
  • , part of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Substantia innominata, part of the basal forebrain
  • Suicidal ideation, a medical term for thoughts about suicide

Computing and Internet
  • .si, the Internet country code top-level domain for Slovenia
  • , or source index, in X86 computer architecture
  • , a control code in the C0 control code set
  • Swarm intelligence, an artificial intelligence technique
  • Synthetic intelligence, an alternate term for or form of artificial intelligence
  • Systems integrator, a type of company that specializes in integrating complex computer or data systems from multiple vendors

  • Spark-ignition engine, a type of internal combustion engine
  • Honda Civic Si, an automobile

Titles and ranks
  • Si, a variant of the Thai honorific Sri
  • Si, a Maghrebi Arabic variant of , a title of respect
  • Sergeant instructor, an appointment in the British Army
  • , an honorary award for civilians and the military in Pakistan
  • Station inspector, a rank in the Singapore Police Force
  • , a rank in Indian Police forces
  • Superintendent (police), senior rank of British Police

Other uses
  • Sì (dessert), traditional spherical dessert made by glutinous rice
  • Si (surname), a Chinese surname
  • (born 1948), cast member of Duck Dynasty and its spinoff Going Si-ral
  • Sídhe or Si, Celtic mythological beings
  • Simon (given name) (abbreviation)
  • , in finance
  • Sinhalese language (ISO 639 alpha-2 code: si)
  • Statutory Instrument, a form of delegated or secondary legislation in Great Britain
  • , used in golf handicapping in the UK
  • Structural Integration, a form of alternative medicine
  • Supplemental instruction, an academic support program often used in higher education

See also
  • S1 (disambiguation)

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