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There are many different numbering schemes for assigning to entities. These generally require an agreed set of rules, or a central coordinator. The schemes can be considered to be examples of a of a database management system table, whose table definitions require a .

The simplest numbering scheme is to assign to entities. In some cases (such as computing, time-telling, and in some countries the numbering of floors in buildings) zero-based numbering is used, where the first entity is assigned "zero" instead of "one".

Other numbering schemes are listed by field below.

  • CAS registry numbers for chemical compounds
  • EC numbers for identifying
  • for (classes of) hazardous substances
  • for

  • The E.164 numbering plan for numbers, including:
    • Country calling codes
    • North American Numbering Plan
    • Numbering plans by country
      • Argentina: Argentine telephone numbering plan
      • Australia: Australian telephone numbering plan
      • China: China telephone numbering plan
      • France: French telephone numbering plan
      • Hong Kong: Hong Kong telephone numbering plan
      • Japan: Japanese telephone numbering plan
      • Singapore: Singapore telephone numbering plan
      • United Kingdom: UK telephone numbering plan
      • Germany: German telephone numbering plan
  • The allocation scheme (IANA)
  • The DNIC prefixes of X.25 NUAs (Network User Address) assigned by the ITU
  • Object identifiers (OID)

  • The GS1 numbering scheme, including
    • for products, which includes the UPC and EAN-13
    • codes for books
    • codes for periodicals
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Stock keeping unit (SKU)

  • National identification numbers
    • Personal Numeric Code (Romania)
    • Personal identification number (Denmark)
    • Social Security number (United States)
    • Social Insurance Number (Canada)
    • number (France)
    • National Insurance number (United Kingdom)
    • (India)
  • Personal Public Service Number (Republic of Ireland)
  • Tax file number (Australia)
  • Unique Master Citizen Number (former Yugoslavia)
  • Det Centrale Personregister (Denmark)

  • Dewey Decimal Classification and Universal Decimal Classification for books
  • West American Digest System legal topic numbering scheme

Geography and transport

See also: ; Address (geography).

  • Vehicle registration plates
  • British Carriage and Wagon Numbering and Classification
  • British Rail locomotive and multiple unit numbering and classification
  • UIC classification of goods wagons

Road numbering schemes
  • Arlington County, Virginia, street-naming system
  • China road numbering
  • Great Britain road numbering scheme
  • by UNECE
  • Interstate highway
  • Edmonton, Alberta#Street layout
  • Montreal
  • Highways in Australia#Route numbering systems

  • API well numbers for numbering in the
  • Bank card number
  • International Bank Account Number
  • International Geo Sample Number (IGSN)
  • for
  • The allocation scheme for hardware addresses of certain networking products
  • National Animal Identification System
  • National Pok√©dex
  • The allocation scheme
  • Post office box
  • Production code number
  • Stamp numbering system
    • Princes of Reuss
    • Popes' ordinals

See also
  • Digital Object Identifier
  • Persistent identifier
  • Unique identifier

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